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Education PR Agency

Many education and edutech businesses have yet to grasp the fine art of interacting with education stakeholders. And it is a fine art, as your audiences have very specific wants, needs and expectations.


We’re a data-driven education PR agency that understands that messaging must be tailored to education sector audiences – students, parents, teachers, schools, universities, trainers, government, and the general public – and delivered through highly focused integrated education PR campaigns that are designed to build your brand, cement it in the public consciousness and encourage your target markets to engage with you.

What's the Definition of Education PR?

You might be wondering why you’d need an education PR agency specifically, and what makes doing public relations for education focused companies different from any other. Great questions for sure.


Education PR refers to the promotion of any learning-related brand, such as schools, colleges, and universities, as well as test prep companies, educational software providers, and supplemental educational programs, through media such as broadcast, print, and, increasingly, digital communication channels and social media.


An education PR agency should also serve as the guardian of your brand’s reputation. Education companies can sometimes come in for particularly harsh scrutiny from every angle, everyone from education journalists and bloggers to parents and students themselves. 


It’s the job of an education PR agency to help you respond in the right way, as well as spearhead ‘damage control’ via crisis communications PR if ever called upon to. Pearl Lemon PR can do all of this and more.

Education PR Agency

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Services Your Education PR Agency Should Be Able to Provide

Whether you choose Pearl Lemon PR for your public relations campaigns (and we certainly hope you do) or look elsewhere for the help you need, there are some services that it’s crucial that any good education PR agency should be able to offer you.

Earned Media Placement

Earned media, also known as earned content, refers to any written material, video content, audio content and more about you or your company that you haven’t paid for or generated yourself. 


Despite the fact that this form of media is usually published by a third party, there are methods for businesses to better position themselves for earned media possibilities that truly align with their brand, their goals and their messages. 


A good education PR agency should help you find them, secure them, and then make the most of them.

Education PR Pitching

As a specialist education PR agency with extensive edtech expertise, we understand the importance of caution while engaging in this field. Journalists in the education sector are enthusiastic about their work. 


They will seldom reprint press releases, preferring to research their own angles and publish articles that are relevant to their audience.


Planning, inventiveness, and knowledge of the education media and edtech sector are thus essential, and a haphazard approach to media pitches may have a significant negative influence on your competitiveness.

Content Creation and Distribution

Parents, students and other education market targets are always open to – and often actively looking for – informative content that will help them make the educational purchasing decisions that are right for them. 


And every education company and edutech venture has plenty of it to share. The best education PR agencies help you brainstorm, create and distribute that content so that it not only establishes you as a thought leader in your niche but also as a source of great information and a brand your target audience feels they can trust, exactly what you should be.

Structured Social Media

For education companies, especially those who want to connect with their prospective students and a younger audience, social media participation is a must. 


However, for education niche businesses, social media is a potential landmine that must be navigated very carefully. 


Any agency you work with should have team members who are both experienced social media star students and  willing to take the time to learn about your brand and what it stands for before trying to help you find – and use – your social media voice.

Media Training

When we say that your target audience wants to hear from you, often that means directly from you and your key staff. 


There are endless educational PR opportunities across traditional media channels like TV, print and radio and even more across new media outlets like blogs, podcasts and webinars.


But while you might be well versed in addressing a classroom full of students, or a room full of parents, ‘facing the press’ can be quite a different matter. 


Any education PR agency worth its salt however should be ready, willing and able to provide you and your key personnel with the effective media training needed to get the most out of media appearances and ensure that your messages represent your brand accurately.

Crisis Communications

Bad things happen to great brands, and even the best known education brands make unintended mistakes and missteps in the public eye. 


Crisis communications is a specialist PR skill that seeks to minimise damage while maximising the opportunities to build even greater trust with your target audiences with your honest and open responses.


As is the case for any good education public relations team, Pearl Lemon PR constantly listens to the chatter in your field, carefully watching for mentions of your brand. If we sense trouble, we move swiftly, decisively and always carefully to nip it in the bud.

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Education PR agency FAQs

Education PR, or Public Relations for the education sector, focuses on shaping the public image and reputation of educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities. This involves strategic communication, media relations, community outreach, social media management, and crisis management, all aimed at enhancing the institution’s visibility and credibility.

PR is critical for educational institutions to stand out in an increasingly competitive sector. It helps to attract prospective students, faculty, and donors by promoting the institution’s unique attributes, achievements, and offerings. Additionally, PR manages communication during a crisis to protect the institution’s reputation and trust within its community.

Some effective strategies include highlighting student and faculty success stories, partnering with local media for positive coverage, using social media to engage with the community, and organizing events such as open houses and alumni gatherings. Furthermore, regular updates on academic advancements, research breakthroughs, and campus developments can help keep the institution in the public eye.

The success of PR efforts can be measured through various metrics such as the volume and tone of media coverage, engagement levels on social media, feedback from the community, and increases in applications or enrollments. Moreover, maintaining a positive reputation during challenging situations can also indicate successful PR management.

This decision depends on the institution’s needs, budget, and available resources. A PR agency like Pearl Lemon PR brings specialized knowledge, wide-ranging media connections, and an outside perspective. In contrast, an in-house team may have a more intimate understanding of the institution. Often, a blend of both can provide the most comprehensive PR strategy.

Pearl Lemon PR focuses on understanding the unique characteristics and objectives of each educational institution. We devise tailored strategies, from highlighting academic achievements to managing crisis communication, to help institutions connect with their audiences effectively. Our goal is to enhance the institution’s reputation, promote its successes, and foster positive relationships within its community.

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