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Transport PR Agency Overview:

👉 Travelers today have access to a wealth of knowledge. And 90% of them begin making their travel plans online. 


👉 Pearl Lemon’s travel PR team connects travel and hospitality brands with these enthusiasts, encouraging them to embark on their next adventure with our clients.


👉 Our travel PR agency develops sophisticated promotional programs that capture attention for travel and hospitality brands in a busy, distracted world, whether it’s introducing a holiday destination to visitors, launching a new property or promotion, creating engagement, or designing market-dominating promotional strategies.

What is Travel PR?

Travel PR is not traditional travel company marketing. It’s not travel company advertising either. Travel PR revolves around securing relevant media opportunities for travel brands that will build trust with consumers while piquing their curiosity about – and interest in – your brand and its offerings.  

Travel PR in 2023 and beyond is very different than it was ten, even five years ago. 

Although a glossy magazine feature and major newspaper placement have their place, we understand that in today’s PR environment, a discussion about SEO and strategic brand partnerships is just as relevant. We tell stories for a new era in travel PR—right now, and always with one target in mind: results.

Transport PR Agency

👉 Pearl Lemon’s experience in travel and hospitality runs deep, and its innovative, strategic approach to PR drives impactful results. From brand building, national media relations, and influencer marketing to local grand openings, crisis management, and corporate communications.


👉 Our strategic travel PR and media relations strategies regularly secure visibility for our partners in the most widely read and viewed consumer, business and social media outlets around the country. 


👉 We enjoy coming up with new ways to get the media to talk about the companies we partner with—and to get consumers to talk about them as well.

Our Travel PR Process

For each of our travel and hospitality clients we follow a proven process, but one that is specifically tailored and tweaked for each of them. Without giving too much away (even a PR agency needs its secrets) here is a look at our travel PR process.

Understanding Your Target Market

Before we do anything else we – and you – need to be clear about just who you are trying to reach. A thorough understanding of the target audience is the foundation of every successful public relations strategy. 


We do our homework to assist you in determining who your ideal customer is. Your campaign’s travel PR elements can then be tailored to these characteristics.

Setting Attainable Objectives

We have a long conversation with you to figure out what you want to do with your brand and when you want to accomplish it. 


You should have a clear vision of what you want your PR strategy to achieve, whether it’s increased social media presence, traditional media exposure, or thought leadership. 


We’ll then use these goals in your travel PR strategy and create a plan to achieve them.

Creating a Buzz

After determining who you’re trying to reach and what you want to achieve, the next step is to decide how to tailor your message to your target audience in order to meet your goals. We’ll figure out the most effective ways to reach your target audience.

Maybe we’ll find a business void that your products or services can fill. We’ll craft a message that pinpoints these issues and explicitly explains how your brand can help, using vocabulary that your target audience understands, and reaching out to them through the media they’re most likely to consume.

Transport PR Agency
Transport PR Agency

Keep an Eye on the Competition

The best way to stay ahead of the market is to know what there is to know about it. We’ll make a list of the most serious threats and keep track of their actions together.


We’ll follow their public relations activities and keep track of their accomplishments and setbacks. If they seem to be having success with a strategy, we’ll see if you can adapt it for your own campaign. If we discover that they are lacking in one area, you have the opportunity to fill the gap.

Keeping Your Relevant

You will only remain top-of-mind with the public if you become a relevant force in the marketplace for as long as possible. We’ll assist you in keeping up with emerging trends and heading where the crowds are.

We’ll try out a few different social media platforms and see which ones your target audience favors. Although it’s critical to keep up with long-term trends, it’s also critical to keep up with viral crazes and current events. People will talk about your brand only if it is doing anything noteworthy, so we’ll keep our ears to the ground and create as much buzz as possible.

Transport PR Agency

Unlock the Potential of Your Travel Brand: Ignite Growth and Capture Attention with Our Travel PR Expertise!


Don’t miss out on the incredible growth opportunities that effective Travel PR can bring to your brand. Contact us today to start your journey towards expanding your business presence, attracting more travelers, and becoming a recognized force in the travel industry. Let’s work together to make your travel brand the talk of the town. Reach out to us now!

Travel PR FAQs

Yes, indeed! While press releases are a vital part of any public relations strategy, including travel PR, sending them out without a plan in place will prevent your message from reaching the right media outlets and, as a result, your target audiences. Implementing an effective communications plan is a deliberate and thorough process that is critical for the company to achieve meaningful results.

Not every story is worth reporting on. Timeliness, proximity, and importance to their subject area and audience profile are all considerations that media outlets consider when deciding what to report. At Pearl Lemon we get to know our clients and their priorities, taking the time to find the most compelling stories around each organization and pitching them to the appropriate outlets.

Public relations can help any company build a positive image, engage with their audiences, and reach their target markets. During our onboarding and exploration process, we work closely with organizations to identify their particular needs. 

Public relations can be especially important to brands in the travel and hospitality industry – where the competition is high and there can be lots of money at stake in terms of revenue – at the best of times. As people begin to return to travel as a form of leisure in 2023 and beyond travel PR is taking on even more significance, as many people are ready – and excited – to travel again, but still have lots of concerns that brands need to address.

A well-rounded communications plan should include both public relations and marketing. While marketing is concerned with the paid advertising and sale of goods and services, public relations is concerned with the management of a brand’s image through positive earned media coverage in both conventional and digital news outlets.

It takes time to build and strengthen a good image, and it won’t happen overnight. And, since each client’s definition of performance is different, we customize our results calculation accordingly. 

We offer extensive analytics reports to clients, depending on their preferences, and report on measurables such as total mentions, potential reach, publicity value, share of opinion, coverage by media and coverage by geography, among other things. We also provide hashtag tracking and analysis, as well as use Google Analytics to track the relationship between earned media results and web traffic.

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