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Deepak - Prof

Deepak Shukla


Deepak Shukla is the co-founder of Pearl Lemon PR and the founder of the international Pearl Lemon Group. He is a two-time TEDx speaker, Ultra-Marathon Runner, and innovative business leader who has been featured in Search Engine Journal, Yahoo! Finance, TEDx, Authority Magazine, and many others. He has grown his businesses from the ground up and understands the importance of reputation management, and building strong brands. His passion for business and helping others build theirs sparked the birth of Pearl Lemon PR.

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Pearl Kasirye

Co-Founder & PR Director

Pearl Kasirye is the co-founder of Pearl Lemon PR and the PR Director who manages all communications in the company. She’s the one who handles the PR campaigns, does the research, and devises strategies that improve brand reputation and brand image. She graduated from Franklin University Switzerland where she got her honors degree in Communications & Media Studies with a minor in Psychology. With this knowledge and her experience in getting clients featured in Yahoo! Finance, TEDx, Healthline, Market Watch, she works with clients to build their media presence. She specializes in reputation management, corporate communications, media relations, and digital PR.

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Ion Farmakides

Managing Director

Ion is the Pearl Lemon Group’s fearless Managing Director. He is a business development virtuoso with over 15 years of experience from startup to enterprise level. He has been able to close over 10-million pounds in deals primarily over the phone. Ion is a top performer in sales teams, leading sales manager paving the way for sales teams. He is responsible for sales team recruitment, development, training, all while maintaining and exceeding personal sales figures and goals. Additionally, he plans, motivates, and sets goals related to sales KPIs for teams. As the cherry on top, we can confirm that he builds and maintains excellent relationships with clients with his charm and humor!


Linnea Labs

PR Executive

Linnea Labs is a Public Relations Executive at Pearl Lemon Group and Pearl Lemon PR. Her specialty is engaging with journalists to find media opportunities for both the brand and clients. She also gives her expertise in different areas and has been featured on Ticker News and various blogs. She is expected to graduate from university by December 2022 and is studying for an English BA. In her free time, she likes to work on passion projects and create content for YouTube, both for the Pearl Lemon Official channel and her own channel.

Simeon Lakuc

Simeon Lakuc

PR Executive

Simeon Lakuc is a Public Relations Executive at the Pearl Lemon Group and Pearl Lemon PR. Originally a scriptwriter, he has skills in writing informative articles and creating compelling content for the media. He also has expertise in communicating with journalists as well as other writers. He has 4 certificates in psychology, business marketing, scriptwriting, and social media management respectfully. He loves to learn and grow and is always looking for opportunities to learn something new and obtain a new skill. In his free time, he likes to keep up with entertainment news and dabbles in performing theatre.

Pearl Kasirye Answers Your Questions!

Public relations is what will build your brand and reputation over time. Sure, you have a great product, or you provide excellent services, but in this competitive world, that’s not enough. 

What we do is put your products and services in front of your audience and say “hey, this is what makes us stand out from the noise.” There are thousands of other companies doing exactly what you’re doing, and PR aims to tell a story about yours and connect with your target demographic through organic media features. 

Your business will be in a position where consumers know the people behind the business, have built trust with the brand itself, and have connected with the story of how your business came to be. Public relations is essential for building a strong brand reputation and getting consumers to be drawn to your brand.

We guarantee that our PR team will exhaust all its resources to contact journalists, bloggers, influencers, and influential publications to get press for your brand. The results may vary depending on several factors, but you can rest assured that we treat each brand like our own. 

The results our clients have seen are an increase in brand awareness, brand trust, and thought leadership. Your business isn’t a product we’re trying to sell, we want to position you as an expert in your field so that future customers have trust in what you represent.

We specialize in reputation management and brand building – which are subdivisions of public relations. We don’t hyperfocus on specific industries, we welcome clients from diverse backgrounds and industries to chat with us and see how we can help you. 

Our clients have been featured on publications like Yahoo! Finance, Forbes, Healthline, and have gotten speaking opportunities on reputable podcasts and TEDx talks as well. We’ve always aimed to develop their brand voices and position them as experts in their industries. 

We have been able to do this with previous clients and we continue to do so with our current ones. Hopefully, you’ll be next!

Both Deepak and I understand how the internet works. Being able to build multiple businesses fully remotely has helped us gain valuable knowledge about how to manage online reputations. With our expertise, you’ll have a team of people who understand how to measure what the media wants and how you can fill that need. 

Pearl Lemon PR is part of Pearl Lemon Group where you’ll have access to our services in web design, search engine optimization, content writing, and digital marketing. Our PR campaigns go beyond media features but aim to ‘clean up’ your brand from the inside out. Not many PR firms will have a full-stack team with this many specialties at their disposal, so book a call for us to get to know what we can do for you!

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