Food PR Agency

Food PR Agency

When it comes to following trends and choosing brands, we are a society obsessed with what others are thinking, doing, and saying. Most of it revolves around FOMO, or “fear of losing out.”



Getting validation of, and brand recognition for, your food and beverage brand from the traditional media, food bloggers, social media influencers, and, frankly, anyone with a following and a valued by your target market opinion should be a priority for any F&B brand. That’s where Food PR comes in.


Pearl Lemon has the Food PR experience and expertise to do this for your brand, whether you operate a restaurant, café or pub, offer food and beverage products or are a culinary professional looking to build your brand. In a nutshell, if it involves food and drink our Food PR services can almost certainly boost your current marketing efforts.

Why You Need Food PR Agency?

To Build Your Brand

At your restaurant, an award-winning chef might be cooking the finest and most exotic dishes in the kitchen but you can’t expect to be tagged in “foodie” images on social media if hungry consumers are unaware of your brand.


The most well-known restaurants and food and beverage product innovators got there by building iconic brands that do more than just exist; they grow. 


They also continue to delight current customers when introducing innovative new consumer acquisition techniques.

Launching a new brand or transforming an old image from “not” to “hot” can be attainable goals with the aid of a strong Food PR strategy. This strategy can only be built at an expert level by a food and drink PR agency.

Food PR Agency
Food PR Agency

To Control the Narrative About Your Brand

Developing messaging that informs your brand voice and affects how people think and feel about your product is an important part of the Food PR process. 


An effective public relations plan incorporates brand voice messaging into any communication opportunity so that your target audience understands who you are, what you stand for, and how you can relate to them.


It’s important to remain true to the company’s brand. It’s not about making a new narrative; it’s about finding out who you are and sharing your story in a convincing way.

To Showcase Your Standards

In the food and beverage industry, accountability and sustainability are important. Consumers actively search for products that care about the common good, and demonstrate real corporate social responsibility (CSR) This is especially true of Millennial and Gen Z consumers, whose spending power is huge in the 21st century food and beverage realm.


Although not every food and beverage brand can match Ben & Jerry’s social mission, doing anything is better than doing nothing, and sharing the brand’s efforts via effective Food PR will help consumers engage with you more deeply and maybe even advocate on your behalf.

Food PR Agency

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Food PR Agency

To Protect Your F&B Brand Reputation

From product recalls and food safety issues to unfair trade practices and viral customer complaints, food and beverage companies can face a variety of damaging circumstances.


Although food and beverage public relations aids in protection, it also helps to build a positive brand image by cultivating relationships with the media and other industry influencers. And if anything goes wrong, you’ve already laid a solid foundation.


Preparing a crisis communications Food PR strategy is a crucial first step in getting the organization back on its feet should the worst occur and ensuring peace of mind in the meantime.

To Amplify Your Brand Messages

Without Food PR, a F&B marketing strategy is incomplete. It’s the piece that tells the brand’s story and communicates its messages. Bear in mind that Food PR entails a lot more than just sending out press releases. By promoting dynamic content that is beneficial to your audience, it creates confidence and brand awareness.


Via earned media opportunities, a successful PR plan improves your reputation as a subject matter expert. The right combination of PR and marketing tactics, as well as how they work together, decide the effectiveness of a well-rounded  F&B communications strategy.

Food PR Agency

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Food PR FAQs

For most F&B businesses, Food PR can be extremely effective. Where a product or service cannot build and sustain a substantial differential advantage on its own, however, it can make a huge difference.

If this is the case, you can still set your organization apart by emphasizing your distinguishing qualities or values. You may be more caring, public-spirited, multicultural, or simply better at generating news that keeps your name in the public eye and helps form positive opinions.

Any food and beverage company that wants to thrive and expand should invest in Food PR. That is why you need Pearl Lemon PR as your food PR agency.

Food public relations is used to raise a company’s profile and present it in a positive light. Supporting good causes, demonstrating social duty to the staff and neighbours, sponsorship, open days, speaking engagements, and business news are all covered by food PR.

The majority of food PR is common sense, but when it comes to investing money in publicity, you should think about focusing on the people who can help you the most.

F&B businesses that are PR-conscious are able to create a warm glow around their operations, which inspires customers to pay attention and makes selling to cynical consumers simpler and more effective.

There is no rule that you must work with social media food influencers as a part of a Food PR campaign, but there is no denying their power in the 21st century.

Even small concerns can benefit. A single great Instagram post – with a delicious image of course – posted by a user with a good following of people who are likely to enjoy what you have to offer can be very powerful.

Social media is only a part of the Food PR puzzle though, and one that should always be approached with due diligence and care, especially when it comes to selecting the influencers you choose to represent your brand.

Even in the digitally driven world of 21st century PR, yes, press releases are still a ‘thing’. The key is to write it as a news story rather than an advertisement for your business. The content of your press release will decide whether your story is published. If you want your story published, you need a food communication agency like us!

Do not think that public relations is exclusively about news releases. While a press release is an excellent public relations tool, there are lots of other options. Be willing to try out any new creative concept that will get you noticed for the right reasons.

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