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‘Shopping around’ for medical services is becoming more popular and widespread among the general population, and all types of medical providers are competing fiercely. What are you doing to ensure your medical firm’s success in this more competitive market? You must both monitor and promote your practice’s internet reputation to get an advantage over your competitors.

You risk losing potential patients to your competitors if you don’t keep a close eye on your digital reputation. A single negative internet review, unpleasant article, or even a negative social media post about your medical practice could jeopardize your ability to attract new patients or retain existing ones. This is why, in order to recruit new patients and maintain strong ties with existing ones, medical reputation management is critical.

Even if you never gave much thought to the idea that your medical practice might need a PR agency – you offer essential services after all, – the fact is that in the 21st century you do. And working with a PR firm that is skilled in medical PR, and medical reputation management, is a must, in order to get the most out of any investment you make in such things

What is Medical Reputation Management, and How Does it Work?

Medical reputation management, according to some reputation management firms, is all about monitoring online reviews and putting out any possible reputational fires. These are crucial – we’ll explain why in a moment – but they aren’t the only factors to consider when developing a successful medical reputation management campaign.

You should also consider building your reputation through a variety of content, earned media, and social media, as well as monitoring these (and other) channels for unfavorable mentions, comments, and coverage that may be incredibly harmful to a medical practice if they surface in an online search. This type of specialized job is best handled by a PR company specializing in digital reputation management, such as Pearl Lemon PR.

The Importance - and Risks - of Online Medical Provider Reviews

While online reviews are now common in a variety of niches and industries, doctors and medical facilities were first to be listed on consumer-facing business review sites, and possible future patients will almost always read them before booking an appointment or consultation with any of the options available.

Receiving a negative patient review is virtually unavoidable, but if managed effectively, the clinic’s replies can mitigate the overall impact and potentially turn a dissatisfied patient into a delighted one. In fact, all five-star reviews can make intelligent consumers apprehensive, because they are used to reading reviews and are aware that they aren’t necessarily genuine. As a result, they can suspect a medical professional of writing fake reviews (which, yes, does happen.)

Even if your patients have consistently expressed their satisfaction with your care, convincing them to write reviews might be tough. Working with a medical reputation management public relations firm gives you access to a highly experienced team that can not only help you locate and respond to bad reviews, but also motivate your satisfied patients to submit feedback on review sites to help you develop and grow your practice.

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Medical Reputation Management Thought Leadership

When it comes to medical services and facilities, consumers look at more than simply reviews. They, like everybody else, are increasingly using Google and the Internet to investigate health disorders, medical treatments, and other wellness concerns.

If you and your clinic provide the factual, helpful content people need, they are much more likely to schedule a consultation with you. Additionally, they will already have the impression that you are a reliable, knowledgeable source of useful information.

Written content is a good place to start, but video, podcasts, and even television and radio appearances can all help you establish yourself as a thought leader in your profession. The person who the media, in all of its manifestations, looks to for trustworthy information. In marketing and public relations, we call this thought leadership, and in the right hands, it can be a powerful force for medical reputation management and brand building success.

At Pearl Lemon PR, we use tried-and-true tactics to establish our clients as thought leaders. We assist you in identifying and leveraging earned media opportunities as well as producing the most efficient owned media. We can also provide media training if you have no previous experience in front of a camera or behind a microphone.

Medical Reputation Management: Crisis Management

A negative media mention, harsh social media comments, or a particularly scathing review may necessitate quick crisis communication to reduce and limit the damage to your professional reputation and organization. This reaction, in the right hands, has the potential to not only avoid long-term reputational harm, but also to boost your image as a medical provider people can trust with their health.

Negative search engine results, in general, are the same. People are increasingly believing what they read on the internet, even if it isn’t accurate or fair. An effective medical reputation management campaign will reduce the risk of ‘bad press’ being published about your facility or employees, but it won’t be able to completely prevent it.

If Google includes an unfavorable mention of your medical facility in its search results, the consequences can be swift and severe. The Pearl Lemon PR staff, on the other hand, is well-versed in the art of suppressing unfavorable search results, and we’ll do everything we can to guarantee that bad results are pushed down and overshadowed by positive ones.

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What Sets Pearl Lemon PR Apart

Pearl Lemon PR’s seasoned PR teams go above and above for every client when it comes to medical reputation management. But that’s not all; with a full-service public relations campaign, we can help you establish your clinic as the go-to source for medical evaluation and treatment, even for people who (think) they don’t like doctors.

Contact us today and let’s chat about just how we can help you. 

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