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Burton Upon Trent, also known as simply Burton, is an urban market town in Staffordshire, England. This town is famous for its brewing and is also home to the Burton-upon-Trent railway station, St. Mary’s Church, and Stapenhill Gardens.

Burton upon Trent is also known for its fairs and weekly markets that attract many people and are potential events for networking. The bustle and life in Burton give many businesses and brands a chance to thrive and grow…. But is your business known by those who matter most? Or you are riding on the hope that your target audiences will magically know you exist?

As a business, you need customers and the right connections to succeed. Public relations is a credible way to tell your brand story and earn media coverage that will get you noticed. 

Here at Pearl Lemon PR, we are available to help you with your public relations needs.

Our tailored PR strategies will bring valuable meaning to your business in Burton-upon-Trent and bring game-changing results. Are you interested in knowing more? Book a call with our specialists.

PR Services To Change The Status Quo

The PR landscape is evolving fast. What used to work back in the day doesn’t apply presently. Yellow pages and listings in your local newspapers can’t make any significant difference now as they used to. 

Consumer behaviours are changing, and marketing has become a little more sophisticated. As a leading public relations in Burton, we offer cutting-edge PR services for businesses and organizations looking to grow. Our specialists will collaborate with you to plan and implement strategies that will bring change to your business.

We will help create the right communications to set you in good faith with the right audience. Our highly creative professionals will help bring your stories to life and attract attention from the media, immediate communities and other businesses.

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What Pearl Lemon PR Will Do For You

As a PR agency, we offer communications support to our clients to help them protect their image and ensure your efforts run smoothly despite the industry trends. We help our clients control and manage their public image and work closely with them to ensure that the information that goes out there best represents the brand and increases brand awareness.

As a full-service public relations agency, we can offer a wide range of services to help you boost brand awareness that is beneficial to your company. Our campaigns can help you attract the right media coverage.

Our PR Agency In Burton Upon Trent

Pearl Lemon PR will deliver maximum results, whether you want to increase brand awareness, become a thought leader, or generate more leads. Our services include:

Thought Leadership PR

PR strategy

Our integrated planning methods can help you boost your brand awareness and authority.

Digital PR

Media training

We will train your team to understand and have a good relationship with the media. Our training will give confidence to our clients to take control of their marketing and allow our client's PR campaigns to be more effective.

Personal Reputation Management

Social media management

Currently, social media is essential in managing brand communications. Our online campaigns are designed to reach a wider audience, increase sales and grow consumer trust for the brand. Regardless of your industry, social media is an effective tool to promote campaigns for your brand awareness.

Music PR

Speech writing

Your public speeches represent your brand and values, so they should be written well. Our services will ensure that you have thought out speeches that will impress your listeners.

Crisis PR

Crisis management

Our PR agency can help you move through the process and emerge victorious when you have a corporate crisis. We are experienced professionals who have worked with various clients facing a crisis to preserve their public image and restore consumer faith.

PR for Accountants

Reputation management

It's easier to manage a brand reputation if you already have a relationship with your audience. Our experts will help you with reputation management to maintain a good relationship between your brand and consumers.

Legal PR

Press releases

Our professionals can help you publish press releases to help you launch your products and services.

Travel PR


Our agency will use outreach to help our clients boost their visibility and build brand awareness. We work tirelessly to ensure that our clients get the attention that they deserve.

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What Makes Pearl Lemon PR Different

  • Professional and flexible support anytime you need it
  • The creative and passionate PR team
  • Transparent about what can and can’t be done
  • Custom-tailored PR services that fit your business goals
  • Trained PR professionals 
  • Experience working with local, national and regional media
  • Growth-driven PR strategies
  • Agile solutions
  • Results-oriented solutions
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Get Started With Us

We use strategic PR to help brands and companies communicate their stories more effectively. We aim to help brands find their unique voice, refine their message and tell their story to enable them to connect with their target audience better. 

We can help make your brand stronger. Contact us now to discover what more we can do for you.


PR involves strategically managing the conversations between organizations or brands and their public. Public relations involves various activities, all of which depend on your business goals. Whether you want to raise brand awareness, launch a new product or service, communicate with your stakeholders, etc., PR will help you achieve these goals.

Your PR strategy must align with all your marketing efforts. For example, your social media marketing, graphic design, and brand management must be integrated to present a unified message about your brand. When you collaborate with Pearl Lemon PR, you will get integrated PR strategies to help you achieve your business goals.

The main job of a PR agency is to manage the communications between a business and its public. Additionally, PR helps to build brand awareness. At Pearl Lemon PR, we can help you with all your PR efforts. Our strategic approaches will help accelerate business growth and get you the coverage you need.

A PR strategy helps to organize your ideas strategically. A successful PR strategy will draw your audience in, reach your target audience across various media channels or platforms and position your business as a thought-leader in your industry. In short, a PR strategy communicates your business goals and ideas while maintaining your brand voice.

The art of storytelling is vital when selling an idea, product or service. Storytelling is an effective way to communicate with the target audience. It uses interactive words, actions, imagery and more engaging elements to draw the listeners or readers in. storytelling encourages the reader’s imagination as they feel they are part of the story themselves. 

So, storytelling is vital in public relations because it allows businesses to connect more deeply with their audiences, impacting their attitudes towards what you have to offer.

You could do it yourself, but it takes alot of time and effort to plan and implement an effective PR strategy. On the other hand, you can use this time to focus on other core business needs. A PR agency can help you get full media coverage. PR professionals know all the ins and outs of the practice and can be in a more suitable place to help you pitch your stories, write and distribute press releases and everything else that is involved in PR. There’s alot more you achieve with the help of a professional PR agency than when you do it on your own.

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