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If you want more people to choose your hotel for their next staycation, you need to give yourself a reputation that can’t simply be ignored.

At Pearl Lemon PR, we give your hotel reputation management services to guarantee your best face forward.

You won’t have to worry about people thinking or talking negatively about you because we will ensure that you are only seen in a good perspective by people who want to check in to your rooms.

Get the right digital story to tell today because it can shape your future.

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Our PR For Hotels

If you’re now interested in employing public relations for your business, then take a look at what Pearl Lemon PR has to offer:

Crisis PR

Social Media PR

If there's one thing most people can't avoid regularly, that's social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok have become important places for us to interact, get information, and share insights. With this trend going on, your business must keep up. With social media PR, be the viral hit that everyone would talk about.

Music PR

Crisis communications and management

All businesses, at some point, get into a crisis. Your brand reputation and perception can come from a positive to a negative in just a blink of an eye. That's why you need a holistic crisis management strategy on the ready in case this happens. Our experts can help you with crisis planning & preparation, simulation, and support.

Crisis PR

Digital marketing

The digital landscape is constantly changing, and businesses need to stay on top of their trends to create connections and engagements and inspire action. We can design digital strategies to help you stand out in the digital space. Our data-driven multi-channel communications campaigns can help you build brand visibility, increase value, boost audience engagement and position your company as a thought leader.

PR for Accountants

Influencer marketing

Our influencer marketing strategies are based on authenticity. We know the right ones for your business, and we will connect them to you. Influencers can expertly tell your brand story and capture the attention of their followers to your business or brand.

Legal PR

Consumer PR

The first thing you want to happen for your business is to have customers. You'll need a good PR that reaches your target market to become a reality. With consumer PR, we will find ways for your company or business to communicate with the public. With this strategy, you can maximise mass exposure and publicity, making you the next talk of the town.

Travel PR

Public affairs

Our experts will help you manage your national and global conversations. We can help you navigate the connections between government, influencers, and policymakers to promote ideas that will shape the future. Our PR services aim to help you influence public policy, build & maintain a strong reputation and find common ground with stakeholders.

Unique solutions For Your Unique Situations

PR tries to improve the general perception, reputation, and recognition of your target clients about you. It also enhances your credibility and authority within the field.

Using different unique PR practices can likely attract new potential clients to work with. 

When they see your unique business story or empathic press releases, you’ll be surprised at the number of people who can now reach you.

PR is vital because it helps you align the vision you see for your hotel with the one your target clients have in mind.

There are also instances where you’ll need PR badly in this day and age.

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After the internet has allowed everyone to say anything they want on the internet, whether anonymous or not, you can be one of the businesses that fall victim to its perils. Some companies gain a negative persona online even when they do nothing to earn it. When you encounter that situation, PR is your best solution.

We mentioned that it also helps your company create a robust online presence that is highly visible to your target market. 

Like Pearl Lemon PR, public relations firms can assist and advise you on how to sell yourself online while also being ready to intervene if a tragedy strikes or anything threatens to derail your company’s reputation.

Our specialists can determine the best platforms and influencers to get your company’s message to the appropriate person. They can leverage their knowledge and contacts in the sector to increase their reach.

Now that 90% of professionals think that PR and marketing are two things every business needs, what stops you from using them?

PR is the way to go. It’s the investment that will give you much more in return.

Get That Revenue

Building your reputation also means getting more revenue for the hotel.

This is because when more people think of you as a credible, reliable, and superb hotel that they can rely on with their next staycation, more people will be inclined to fill in your rooms, whether during the holidays or not.

So why not manage your PR today?

Talk to our experts to understand more about it,


PR or public relations is when you form meaningful relations with prominent media influencers to raise awareness about your brand. It manages and controls how the general public will perceive your business or company. What sets PR apart from advertising and marketing is focusing mainly on a brand’s reputation. PR has the job of telling your story to the world so that you can create more connections.

You might think that PR is just a press release. However, it is not. Although 100% of journalists stipulate finding stories through press releases, a press release is just one form of public relations. Other forms of PR are brand endorsements, influencer campaigns, sponsorships, and many more. Subsequently, you can use these forms to increase your brand reputation, recognition, credibility, and presence. The more people know and have good insight regarding your brand, the better your playing cards will be.

Yes, you can. PR creates an opportunity for your business to have a positive reputation, build meaningful connections with communities, and reach out to target markets. With a good PR and an expert, you can secure the way people perceive your brand.

Yes, we can. Give us the correct numbers to call, and we’ll negotiate down to execution. While media may be a harsh industry, it’s also relatively easy to work with them. Our experts will do the job of convincing or persuading your local media that your small business is worth the story on their channel. Your significant events will be featured in their works for more exposure.

At Pearl Lemon PR, we believe in the ideals you’ve set for your business. Therefore, we also want to hear what you would like us to do for you and decide where to go next. From there on, we can talk about how much it will cost. So book a call with us today, and let’s start with that unique PR!

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