Our team of PR experts here at Pearl Lemon will enhance your brand’s image and reputation through all desired channels to generate a stellar brand image, more engagement and ultimately, more conversions.


Ultimately, the way your potential customers perceive your brand is what will influence their decision of whether or not to give you their business. Our PR experts will finetune your overall press marketing campaign and deliver you quality results. With Pearl Lemon’s PR service, you can:


Public Relations professionals help a business or individual cultivate a positive reputation with the public through various unpaid or earned communications, including traditional media, social media, and in-person engagements. They also help clients defend their reputation during a crisis that threatens their credibility.

You can think of it as ‘organic advertising’ for a business reputation; that is, the client doesn’t pay to be featured in media, editorials and so on.


Comprised of a diverse team of PR experts, living in the United Kingdom, Jamaica, Israel, the United States, Pakistan, and India, we have built successful PR campaigns for dozens of clients across a wide variety of industries. Between us, we have over 15 years of public relations experience!


Our PR services will cover a wide variety of areas designed to put your brand in the most positive spotlight possible. Our platforms include, but aren’t limited to:

News Print

Newspapers remain a popular source of consuming content. We will work to have your brand included in relevant local newspapers.

Social Media

We understand how social media works and how people share information. We’ll run organic campaigns to drive interest and engagement with your brand.


We will work to have your podcast featured on relevant podcasts within our extensive network.


Our team of PR experts has extensive experience in business events and will work to push your brand in those spaces.


Television remains the most used medium to consume information. We will push your brand through TV talks shows and showcases.


We will work to include your brand in promotional photographs to increase brand awareness.



People don’t tune into mainstream media platforms just to see advertisements. They do so in order to be informed about what’s going on around them, as well as to be entertained. Therefore, there’s a greater chance for exposure for your brand if you seek to include passive mentions of your brand.

Media relations are an important aspect of PR. This refers to liaising with members of the media (for example, journalists) to get your product featured in their channels. Due to the nature of media relations, many people confuse it to be PR itself.

Yes, it’s a sound strategy for finding new talent. By marketing your new business as an industry leader, you appeal to qualified individuals who wish to be employed by a successful business. PR marketing helps your business grow internally as well as externally.


Yes, a good reputation is a crucial component of PR. Our team of content experts will ensure that you only produce the best content for your channels that result in a positive brand image for you

While it is possible to conduct self-PR, it will take time to create and implement a sound strategy to build trust in your brand and showcase a positive brand image. In addition, any mistakes that can ensue from such a practice can be potentially detrimental to your brand.

Rest assured that your PR will be in the capable hands of Pearl Lemon, as we are an award-winning agency composed of the best PR experts available.

It is highly recommended not to go with an industry-exclusive PR firm, as they can become stale, rehashing the same strategies to push your image. As tastes and opinions change, you will need an agency to change with them. To further compound the issue, there can also be a conflict of interest, as your competitors can also utilize the same agency for their own PR needs.

Whether or not PR is expensive depends on you, your PR firm and the goals that you are trying to accomplish for your brand. However, do bear in mind that You would be using channels that can reach potentially millions within a small area, so there will be a cost factor to consider.

Our advice is to think of PR as a sound investment for your brand that has significant ROI. After all, you are investing in the trust you build with potential customers and partners.

Public Relations is extremely valuable for SEO, as the more of a positive brand image that you build with your potential customers and partners, the more organic traffic that you can draw to your website. Google can then take note of this and bolster your rankings in search results.

Influencer Marketing refers to collaborating with an expert in your industry to push your brand by having them see the value that you have to offer and endorsing you. This can be through podcasts, a blog, or through shared social media.

This can build confidence in your brand, as influencers are often in high regard in their respective industries and are an excellent source of publicity.

A press release is a short news story that is written and sent to different media houses. The press release must have all the essential information including answers of the 5W and 1H (who? what? where? when? how? and why?) for the media house to easily produce their own story.

By generating positive media coverage with a solid PR strategy, you can attract investors who can see the value in your brand. In addition, it gives you a much better negotiating position when securing funding to scale your brand and reach more people.

Key messages are the core messages you want your target audience to hear and remember about you and your business. They are an important part of a PR strategy because they can shape your content and communicate a unified message.

Small publications should not be overlooked as part of your PR strategy, especially if you’re a new brand that’s just starting out. Small as they may be, the kind of platforms do still have a following, so it can be a great way to build trust with your target audience.

Video is always seen as a powerful tool in promotion and marketing; PR is no exception. By crafting expert videos, you can reach a much wider audience and generate more engagement. However, it would be recommended to use a professional videographer in order to create content that media outlets would be more wiling to feature.

Despite your best public relation campaigns, crises are unfortunately unavoidable. There could be negative commentary that can hurt your brand, your business may be privy to a natural disaster or there could be industry events that can garner media coverage.

As part of your PR campaign, we will also cover potential crises and devise means to mitigate them to safeguard your brand.

It would be a sound idea to approach a media house; for example, a newsagency, with your brand and value behind it, with a meaningful story that only they would have access to. That way, the prospect of exclusivity will cause said media house to run with your story.


Sponsorships can be a great form of public relations, as it is a sound way to build brand awareness as well as trust in your business.


If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us! If you’d prefer to speak directly to a consultant, book a call!

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