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This is where we discuss your campaign, what you’re hoping to achieve, and decide if we’ll work together. We want to ensure that we will be able to help you achieve your business goals, so we have to be sure that we are a perfect fit for you.

Once we’ve discussed everything together we’ll decide on the best plan of attack and work all of your needs into an agreement for us to sign and abide by to ensure your campaign stays on course.

Not as exciting, but now is when we will send over any contracts, NDAs, and any other needed legal documents that may be required to sign or create in order to launch your campaign.

Before your PR campaign begins, we have a meeting to discuss PR strategies and to get to know each other better. In this meeting, we try to understand what your needs are, what your goals are, and how we will approach the campaign.

Our PR team will conduct research about your brand and compare it to your competitors. We’ll analyze the media landscape to understand what is trending and what approach would best suit the needs of your brand. With that information, we’ll send you 5-7 potential PR angles that we’ll use in all our outreach campaigns. This will be shared with you and your team so that you can review the PR angles and send us approval for the main angles you’d like us to focus on. Once we are all in agreement, the PR campaign will commence.

  • Company PR Angles: these are solely focused on the company’s services, its USP, and it is designed to attract new customers and/or investors. These types of PR angles are based on the goals of the PR campaign, what your target audience is interested in, and on what your competitors are doing
  • Personal PR Angles: these are focused on your personal brand to build your thought leadership, and highlight your skills and expertise. With these PR angles, the goal is to set you apart from the professionals in your field by building a strong online reputation that will help you build trust with the people in your field.

Our team identifies the right journalists that write about topics related to your niche and start media outreach to get the word out about what you do. The PR Specialists will contact the journalists and editors to discuss potential feature opportunities that could lead to speaking engagements, articles, brand mentions, or even full-page interviews. This type of media outreach is done on a daily basis for maximum exposure.

The media landscape is constantly changing and trending topics die out within a matter of days. Our PR Specialists use software tools that alert them whenever there is a new trending news topic within your industry so that you can jump in and comment on the situation. This leads to what PR’s like to call “newsjacking” where you get a client’s research or brand featured in dozens of publications that cover the same trending news topic. Our team monitors the news and media 24/7 (yes, even on weekends) to make sure that we do not miss a thing!

Once your brand features start rolling in, our team compiles all the best and most relevant ones into a neat press kit. This can be used even after your campaign has ended and you want to make a sales pitch or help an investor learn more about your brand. Our press kits can also be embedded on your company or pesonal website to showcase all your though leadership and demonstrate the strength of your online presence.

PR Campaign Kick-Off

The start of your PR campaign will have a heavy focus on research and strategizing. We’ll look for journalists, bloggers, and influencers that are best suited to your brand. We will also research the best publications that fit your niche. With this information, we’ll build media lists and databases that will guide our pitching process for the rest of the campaign. These lists will be updated regularly, but the preliminary research is completed in the first stage of the PR campaign.

This is the fun part. We get to look beyond the brand to find personas, narratives, and angles that could help you better connect with your audience. We may write bios for your leadership team that will be used for pitches and collect information about their accomplishments and who they are. We may also create new personas that can elevate the brand and represent it in an excellent way. This stage is important because it gives us a roadmap to guide us on this PR campaign.

Using the media lists we built in the first stage of the campaign, we’ll start contacting relevant publications to get your brand media coverage. These pitches could include quotes from members of your leadership team, they could also be ghostwritten by us, but this is on a case by case basis.

This report will update you on the progress of your PR campaign and explain how our strategies are doing. You’ll have access to the list of publications that we reached out to and what types of PR angles were used. You’ll also get information about our bi-weekly reporting system and any new strategies we’ll use in month 2.

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PR Campaign Continuation

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Depending on the PR package you paid for, we’ll have a certain number of pitches we’ll send per month. This will include outreach to podcast hosts, speaking events, journalists, bloggers, or influencers. We’ll make sure to send pitches based on the PR angles we agreed on and the outreach will be tracked.

Every two-three weeks, you’ll hear from us about your PR campaign. We do this so that you are in the loop from start to finish. You’ll get information on the types of publications we’ve reached out to and updates on media coverage.

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