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To keep up with the growing number of various methods in which the public consumes information, the news industry is continually evolving. As a leading legal PR agency, we assist our law firm clients in adapting and evolving as well. Pearl Lemon PR creates strategic media relations campaigns to get our legal clients national, regional, industry, and legal niche coverage, and we use cutting-edge technology to monitor conventional, digital, and social media for opportunities to both build and protect your brand.

We also offer media relations training to help you shine in front of the camera and can step in to handle the media in a crisis. To put this all more simply, as your legal PR agency, Pearl Lemon PR can offer everything you need when it comes to public relations (and more.)

What is Legal PR?

Our public relations professionals have years of expertise working in the news industry, with journalists and publishers, and more recently, with bloggers and podcasters, obtaining press coverage in regional, national, and international media. We understand how the media works since we have either worked in the media or with members of the media for a long time.

What Does Legal Public Relations Entail?

  • Thought leadership is promoted through articles, blogs, and white papers.
  • Content marketing
  • Corporate communications and community relations
  • Internal communications
  • Special events, town hall meetings, and press conferences
  • Media training

We place a premium on outcomes. Our legal public relations campaigns are tailored to assist you in boosting name recognition and brand awareness for your law firm and attorneys, as well as to position you as a thought leader in your industry and/or marketplace.

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What is Litigation PR Service?

Legal PR and Litigation PR are not the same thing, but as a leading legal PR agency for law firms, Pearl Lemon PR are experts in both. During a high-stakes legal case, litigation public relations is frequently used to efficiently manage the communications process with a variety of audiences. For both the client and the law firm, public impressions can be complex, and it is crucial to manage these perceptions as far as possible.

Our team of litigation communications professionals provides discreet and sensitive guidance on the most effective media strategy, from basic messaging to media training. Through all of the lawsuit’s milestones, we can serve as a single resource for reporters, broadcast journalists, and bloggers, and we can recognize and respond to the right opportunities.

We also assist in managing and securing media and blog coverage before, during, and after the lawsuit, as well as monitoring print, digital, and social media to ensure you are aware of what is being said about your case across the world and able to respond promptly and effectively when it’s called for.

Why is Legal PR a Must?

Legal PR agencies like Pearl Lemon PR work with your law firm as business partners to boost your firm’s visibility and recruit clients. An experienced legal public relations firm can have a substantial positive impact on your bottom line and on the perception of your law firm as a brand, both in and out of industry circles.

An accomplished law PR agency also acts as an approachable point of contact for the press and the general public. We’ll help your lawyers establish themselves as thought leaders in their fields and make them more approachable to those seeking legal advice. Even if your company is doing well, a PR media firm can assist you in maintaining that success and nurturing it for future growth.

There is then the newer public relations complication of online reviews. It makes no difference who the law partners attached to your firm are, or how many cases the firm has won, if your law firm isn’t listed in people’s go-to tools for finding lawyers, and reviewed positively in them, you’re going to lose out on new clients. We work with law firms to manage their presence on both general and niche specific review sites as well as Google My Business, which is an increasingly important area of focus for any service based business, lawyers included.

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Legal PR and Social Media

Social media is also another public relations outlet that has gained tremendous power, but an arena that many law firms and lawyers are uncertain about. This is understandable, as any statements, even a simple social media post, made by a legal entity is likely to be open to more scrutiny. However, there is a place for legal players on social media, and taking advantage of it can both build your brand recognition and gain your law firm new clients.

The key to successful legal social media is careful planning and expert execution. Pearl Lemon PR’s experienced social media experts will work with you to:

  • Select the appropriate social media platforms for your law firm to build a presence on. Not every popular platform is suited to the legal profession, or even to each law firm, but after researching your firm, we’ll help you determine which are right for you.
  • Set goals that are both attainable and measurable. What do you hope to gain from your efforts in social media marketing? Do you want to make your brand more visible? Perhaps you want to recruit new clients or simply engage your target demographic. In any case, you should have a clear notion of what you want to accomplish with social media, and our experts will help you clarify that vision.
  • Create, and maintain, a content calendar and a plan for responding to social media inquiries effectively.

The Pearl Lemon PR Difference

There are, we know, lots of options out there when choosing a legal PR agency. So why choose Pearl Lemon PR?

To begin with, we are not a traditional Monday to Friday, 9-5 legal PR agency. On both sides of the Atlantic, as well as in Europe and India, we have personnel working around the clock.

Because of the magic of time differences and always-on Internet access, this not only allows us to get things done faster, but it also means that someone is always watching news feeds and newswires for potential media placements as well as mentions of our clients in the news that may require an immediate response.

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The Pearl Lemon PR team not only knows how to pitch journalists and editors succinctly, directly, and comprehensively, but they also know how to do it faster than any other firm. So, how does this affect our clients? We can not only reach journalists sooner, providing your company an advantage over the competitors in the news cycle, but we can also make additional pitches, increasing visibility for our clients.

This method has resulted in up to 400% higher conversion rates, allowing us to gain media placements for law firm clients across a broad array of outlets and channels. It’s effective and efficient. It can also have a big positive effect on the general success of your firm.

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