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With the Instagramming and influencer-ing of travel media, you’d think a hospitality PR agency would be obsolete. But with so much noise out there, it’s actually more crucial than ever to obtain advice on your brand and messages. Let us not even discuss crisis management (yet). With the impact that COVID-19 has had on the hospitality industry, having the best hospitality PR firm on your side will be more critical than ever as the world of travel opens up again.

Every Hospitality Brand Needs Public Relations - and a Hospitality PR Agency

People adore traveling, it is common knowledge. They’ve always done so, but post-pandemic, they’re likely to travel even more. With concerns about vaccine passports, domestic travel, and more, people are keen to get away, and hospitality operators are eager to reopen their doors.

This means that the hospitality business will be more competitive than ever before, regardless of where the properties are located, thanks to higher consumer demand and new hospitality trends like Airbnb’s IPO and Google’s Free Booking Links.

In the hospitality sector, being creative is required to stand out, which is why top brands use creative agencies to promote their facilities. Even if you own a small independent hotel and handle all of your marketing in-house, adding a sound hospitality public relations strategy into your marketing strategies can be incredibly advantageous and give you a competitive advantage. 

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What Types of Hospitality PR Are Most Effective?

Other marketing strategies are frequently centered around getting the word out about you and your brand, however a public relations plan strives to maintain a positive reputation for a firm or a brand experience as a whole. 

As a result, hospitality PR methods will differ from those utilized in hospitality marketing in general. Some instances of different public relations techniques implemented in the hospitality industry – and used with great success by the Pearl Lemon PR hospitality PR team – are as follows:

Media Coverage

Is your hospitality business organizing a community event or the grand launch of a new on-site restaurant? A timely event or story that would be meaningful to a large number of people may pique the interest of local news stations and newspapers, especially if the issue is relevant to the local community or involves a human-interest component. Positive, viral stories will help your company connect with its target audience.

Interesting the media in covering your event is not always easy though. Working with Pearl Lemon’s hospitality PR team means that you’ll have access to professionals who have the right connections, and know how to write and present effective pitches, that will get you the media coverage you need.

Speaking Opportunities

Securing speaking engagements at key hospitality conferences or on podcasts that appeal to your target market is an incredible strategy to raise brand awareness and position yourself and your business as industry thought leaders.

Finding these great opportunities alone is time-consuming and can be challenging for those outside the media. When you work with Pearl Lemon PR, we find them for you, all you have to do is show up. And, if you need help with your speaking and presentation skills, we have skilled pros who can help you finesse those too.

Apply for Awards

Winning an award will help your hospitality business obtain free publicity and increase brand reputation and loyalty. Starting with small, locally sponsored prizes and working your way up to larger submissions awards are a hands-off way to put hospitality PR to work for your brand effectively. You can even participate in national competitions in which your business may be suitable. 

We keep track of all the accolades our clients may be able to receive at Pearl Lemon PR, and ensure that their submissions stand out, and we can do the same for you.

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Hospitality PR Press Releases

Press releases are perfect for introducing collaborations, new attractions or upgrades to your property, or the launch of new facilities, even if you don’t have many opportunities to host a press conference.

While some may consider press releases to be an antiquated concept, they are nonetheless quite useful. Traditional newspaper and radio journalists are no longer the only ones working in the media, especially when it comes to travel and hotels. Bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, and freelancers are all on the lookout for new stories to report on, and they rely on press releases for that information.

Finally, a successful hospitality PR plan relies on the relationships you or your hospitality PR agency have with various stakeholders in the hospitality and media industries.

A skilled public relations firm can also help you tap into the power of social media influencers and hospitality bloggers to drive traffic to your business website and to your properties themselves. You don’t need to be friends with a Kardashian; renowned travelers with a huge following can help you demonstrate to the wider public what it’s like to visit your facility and their loyal audiences, many of whom hang on their every word, will be suitably impressed. 

Hospitality PR and Hospitality Marketing: Not the Same Thing

The creation of brands and the conveyance of their messages to target audiences are aided by both hospitality marketing and hospitality public relations. The most significant distinction is that advertising space is purchased, but public relations results are earned through the distribution of information to the media via news releases and pitches, social media promotions with influencers and more. 

For example, to advertise your new menu, you’ll often need to buy online banner ad space, but you can always pitch a story to a news organization for ‘free publicity as well. 

Here are a few more things that set these two promotional strategies apart:


While hospitality firms and organizations create marketing aimed largely at potential consumers, public relations specialists want to reach a broader audience. Among them are employees, investors, customers, the media, influencers, and others.

Hospitality PR gets all kinds of people talking about your brand across a broad spectrum of media, and while not everyone who hears these conversations will become your customers, it will help ensure that they know your name.

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When you buy an ad, you get to control how it looks, what it says, where it appears, and when it runs. The quantity of exposure your ad receives is primarily controlled by how much money you have to spend. When it comes to working with the media, you have less influence over PR. Your story’s presentation in the news, as well as whether it is reported at all, is determined by the media.

However, when you work with a great hospitality PR company – like Pearl Lemon PR – we do know how to take better control of the narratives around your brand, as well as minimize any negative coverage that might come your way. 


Increasingly, advertisements do not convince consumers into believing everything they are told. Why? Because the person who pays for the advertisement has complete control over the content. Even if it’s true, they won’t state things like “our hospitality rooms aren’t usually clean.” 

As a result of a hospitality public relations strategy, messages are delivered through a trusted third party, the media, influencers, via organic reviews and much more, and are significantly more believable in the eyes of consumers than paid advertising could ever be. 

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Why Pearl Lemon PR for Hospitality PR?

We’ve proved that media relations, event planning, launches, press releases, cross-promotions, launches, and influencers are all effective hospitality PR techniques for our clients. Our clear, yet inventive strategies are constantly updated, and specifically tailored to the needs of each individual client. Our hospitality PR campaigns are bespoke – we don’t do one size fits all – and the positive results speak for themselves. 

We have what it takes to get you the most bang for your buck when it comes to public relations. We’ll assist you in launching – and maintaining – a hospitality public relations campaign that utilizes both traditional media outlets and the power of digital PR to increase your hotel’s brand awareness, brand image and, most importantly, your bottom line. 

Let’s talk about how we can assist you. Contact us today to get the conversation started. 

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