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Is there anything about the industry or niche you work in that most people don’t understand that you wish they did?

Do you know how to communicate it to them in a clear and concise manner?

Do you ever think to yourself, “I should be charging for these ideas”?

If that’s the case, thought leadership-driven public relations could be a good fit for you.

When done correctly, often with the help of a thought leadership PR agency, thought leadership can boost consumer engagement, enhance brand recognition among new customers, and increase media attention for your firm.

What is Thought Leadership?

The first thing you might be thinking is “oh no, another one of those trendy buzzwords that don’t mean anything much.” And it’s true, over the last decade or so, thought leadership certainly has appeared in a lot of the places that those kinds of fairly hollow terms often do. But it is a real thing, and when used as a part of a larger public relations and marketing strategy, its benefits can be very real.  

You see thought leaders all the time on TV and appearing on podcasts and vlogs, you read their content in blogs and on social media. You may have paid good money to attend a session they led at an industry conference, or a roundtable discussion they were a part of. They are the people that the media – and the general public – look to offer insight, advice and commentary that can be trusted. They are the ‘experts in their field’.

But these aren’t necessarily super smart people, often they are simply the ones who got thought leadership PR right when others didn’t. So, with your breadth and wealth of industry knowledge, why shouldn’t you – and your brand, be among them? Work with a good thought leadership PR agency, one like Pearl Lemon PR, and you can, no matter what industry or niche you work in.

How Pearl Lemon PR Does Thought Leadership PR

As we mentioned, thought leadership PR works well when done right. But it’s the latter part of that sentence that matters most. Which is why, to take advantage of all it has to offer, you need a PR agency that knows how to take your expertise and knowledge and shape it into compelling stories, stories that will ultimately lead to opportunities that raise both your own professional profile and that of the brand you represent.

Here’s a look at just some of the ways we help our clients establish their positions as thought leaders in their field via thought leadership PR:

LinkedIn Expertise Showcase

No matter what industry you operate in, the old adage will always be true– people prefer to do business with other people and brands they trust. And in the 21st century for those looking to raise their B2B profile, one of the best ways to prove your credibility is by consistently showcasing your expertise on LinkedIn, encouraging people to seek to connect with you, rather than you having to chase them!

Branded Op-Eds and Content

You have well-informed opinions and ideas worth reading. Pearl Lemon PR works directly with your team to place your articles with major media sites, but even before doing that we’ll advise you on just what types of branded content will work best to raise your profile and that of your brand and even boost your firm’s brand SEO.

Expert Commentary

We’ll help you become a go-to commentator and give media advice on current events. The media will aggressively seek you out for quotes and insight into the newest hot topics relevant to your expertise and industry once Pearl Lemon PR has established you as an expert commentator. In other words, we’ll establish you as the go-to source for advice, ideas, and knowledge among your peers.

Speaking Opportunities

We work with our clients to arrange top speaking opportunities that position them as experts in their field, from big industry events to focused one-day conferences both on and offline. We can even help you stage your own buzzworthy events or help you start and produce a podcast/video series/whitepaper that everyone in your industry will want to see, hear or read.

Industry Outreach

It all comes down to who you know. Allow Pearl Lemon PR to help expand your horizons by arranging meetings with those who are already prominent thought leaders in your field. Who knows, it may turn into something much bigger!

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic relationships can help your firm gain credibility. Allow Pearl Lemon PR to aid with the introduction, whether it’s a sought-after media sponsorship for your events or the ideal prospective joint venture.

A Real Plan

Sometimes, when brands decide to ‘try out’ thought leadership PR by themselves they have great ideas, but lack the time, focus or PR industry expertise to make it work for them, so they assume it doesn’t. As your thought leadership PR agency we don’t want to dilute your voice, or tell you what to say – you are the expert there, not us.

Ready to get started?

What we will do is show you how to harness all that expertise and turn it into public relations opportunities and brand boosting content that will have an impact now and for years to come. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

Thought Leadership PR FAQs

The average monthly rate for a PR agency is about $2,000-$5,000. Contact our team of thought leadership PR experts today to establish a monthly cost for our thought leadership PR services.


A crisis PR plan is an absolute must for any company that works with the public.

While you give advise as an expert in your field, there is the possibility that you may rub people the wrong way. In these cases, you need to be ready.

A crisis PR plan paired with your standard PR plan can help ensure you maintain a positive light in the public eye.

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