What Is Tech PR

What Is Technology PR And What Does It Do?

Technology PR is a section of public relations that focuses on promoting and enhancing the public image and reputation of technology companies and the products and services they offer.

There are three main objectives of technology PR:

Managing Reputation

The core of technology PR is to make a technology company look good in the eyes of the public.

This is accomplished through raising brand recognition, generating leads and sales, boosting customer interaction, and presenting the organisation as an industry thought leader.

When a company’s reputation is damaged, it is up to the technology PR team to manage the company’s reputation and get it back to a place of good standing.

Developing Strategies

Technology PR professionals work closely with multiple departments, like marketing, product development, and customer service, to get a deeper understanding of the company’s goals and target audience.

Using this information, they then develop and execute effective and efficient communication strategies to reach the company’s target audience. This often includes creating press releases, arranging media interviews, and crafting content for social media platforms.

Analysing Data

In order to gauge the effectiveness of PR campaigns, technology PR professionals will monitor a multitude of metrics. If these metrics do not meet the company’s goals, the technology PR team will adjust their campaign accordingly to make sure that the company’s public outreach goals are met.

Technology PR professionals also monitor and analyse media coverage, industry trends and market developments to identify opportunities and challenges for the company. By analysing these things, a technology PR professional is able to better prepare the company for what might come ahead.

Effectiveness of PR Campaigns

How Does Tech PR Differ From Other Areas Of Public Relations?

Tech PR differs from other areas of public relations, like traditional PR, in a few critical ways;

Target Audience

Technology PR targets a specific audience that includes technology enthusiasts, industry experts, journalists and investors.

Traditional PR targets a wider audience that can include the general public, customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Communication Channels

Technology PR tends to use digital channels to reach its intended target audience. These digital channels include social media and online media outlets.

Seeing as the target of traditional PR often includes the general public, a traditional PR professional will use a wider range of communication channels. These channels include traditional media, events, and public speaking.


Technology PR typically focuses on the latest trends, innovations, and developments in the technology industry and the impact that these advancements have on society and the economy.

Traditional PR may focus on a wider range of topics, such as corporate social responsibility, product launches, and brand image.

Pace of Change

As the technology business is continuously growing at a quick speed, technology public relations specialists are able to keep up with all of the new products and services that are constantly being released.

Traditional PR professionals may have a more stable pace of change as the industries they cover may not experience the same level of rapid innovation.

What Are The Most Popular Tech Platforms For Reaching Your Audience?

In order to reach as many individuals within your target audience as possible, it is important to use as many platforms as possible. Here are a few popular tech platforms that you can use in order to ensure you expand your reach effectively.

Social Media

Social media has become a booming platform that connects people from all over the world to each other. You can capitalise on this phenomenon by using four of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, to reach your target audience directly and engage with them in real time.

Online Media Outlets

Tech blogs, online news websites, and industry publications are great places to share your company’s news, thought leadership pieces, and other content with your target audience.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers wield more impact than you may realise. Collaboration with important people in your field may help you reach a larger audience and establish credibility for your business.

Video Platforms

Popular video platforms like YouTube and TikTok provide great opportunities for you to share engaging and informative videos about your products and services.

Email Marketing

This platform is a bit old school, but email marketing has been around for a long time and has remained a powerful tool for reaching your audience because it allows you to send personalised and targeted messages directly to their inboxes.

It is essential to utilise all possible channels within your reach in order to appeal to your target audience and build connections that can transform into conversions.


What are the benefits of using tech PR?

Tech PR has become integral to the success of a business in today’s tech-based society. The use of tech PR can give businesses the following benefits:

  • Creates positive brand awareness and increases visibility
  • Increases engagement with customers
  • Drives website traffic
  • Establishes credibility and trust with potential customers
  • Provides potential customers with accurate information about what the business offers

Tech PR enables businesses to communicate their message to their target audient effectively. It allows them to build long-lasting relationships with key stakeholders and increase visibility in the ever-evolving digital world.

How has tech PR evolved over the years?

In order to use ever-growing technology in an effective manner and keep up with the ever-changing business communication landscape, businesses have made tech PR an essential tool in their arsenal.

As technology advances, so too does the way that companies use PR to reach their target audiences.

As social media has gained a substantial foothold in the digital world, tech PR has shifted its focus from traditional media outlets like newspapers and TV to digital media outlets. Today, these digital media outlets are used to reach target audiences.

As the power of social media grows, so does the power of social media influencers. Influencer marketing has therefore become a powerful tool within the sphere of tech PR.

How do you measure success with a tech PR campaign?

In order to measure success with a tech PR campaign, one needs to take note of an array of metrics. These metrics include media coverage, brand awareness, website traffic, and social media engagement.

By keeping an eye on these metrics, one can get an accurate picture of how successful a tech PR campaign is and make adjustments accordingly.

It is also important to take note of the goal of your tech PR campaign and measure the impact that the campaign has had on that goal so far and if it is delivering on the intended goals.