Why Aviation PR is More Important Than Ever

It’s been a particularly challenging time for the aviation industry over the past few years.

Restrictions on flying, bad press for airlines and aviation service providers, and the impending doom associated with climate change are putting these businesses under increasing pressure. 

If you’re feeling under the cosh (and it’s understandable if you are!), then it’s almost certainly time to bring in an aviation PR team to help you get on top of everything. 

Aviation PR services offer crucial assistance for all sorts of aviation businesses, safeguarding them from negative press and improving public relations.

Are you involved in the aviation industry? If so, this is something that you need to know about so feast on the information below. 

What is Aviation Public Relations?

If you want to know the value of Aviation PR (and I know you do!), you first need to know exactly what it is. 

The role of a public relations team for an aviation company is varied. They help you spread awareness about current or future services and products, they help whip up public support for your business, and they seek to enhance your reputation. 

As you might already realise, these PR services are also critically important for protecting the reputation of businesses when a crisis strikes.

How do Aviation PR Services Work?

So, you understand the general role of a public relations team working for an aviation business, but let’s get more specific.

An excellent public relations firm will get your business the widespread coverage that it needs to develop and progress.

They’ll use national and international publications, press events and speaking appearances, and industry magazines and platforms to benefit you.

It’s crucial to remember that this isn’t an advertising role – advertisements are paid for, while PR is unpaid and earned. 

This is super-important because it means that your business is going to have more clout – and ultimately, consumers will deem your business more trustworthy. 

Is a PR Agency the Right Choice For You?

When people think of the aviation industry, they immediately think of the airlines they fly with – makes sense, right?

But there are plenty of participants in the industry, and all of them can benefit from a public relations expert. 

These PR services routinely offer assistance to:

  • Airports
  • Airline companies
  • Aviation service providers
  • Aircraft brokers
  • Aircraft management companies
  • Aircraft manufacturers

Naturally, the exact role that the team takes on will vary from one type of aviation company to the next. 

Modern Challenges for the Aviation Industry

People love to travel. They love flying abroad and exploring new places. They love visiting their friends and family – and, for many people, the aviation industry is what makes all that possible. 

You’d maybe think that this would mean aviation companies are safe from bad press, but that’s not the case at all. 

These businesses are under increasing public scrutiny for many reasons, a few of which you can find below.

Climate Change

Here’s a biggie. 

The aviation industry is a significant contributor to climate change – something that’s only becoming a bigger and bigger issue.

As global temperatures continue to rise and climate disasters continue to occur more frequently, people are increasingly turning their attention towards the aviation industry. 

This is hard for industry actors to handle because aviation emissions are still going up. An experienced aviation-specific public relations expert can help you to navigate this PR minefield.

Noise Pollution

Yeah, this one shouldn’t surprise you. People have been complaining about the noise pollution associated with aircraft for decades – and they’re still just as miffed today. 

Developments in quieter aircraft and changes to flight restrictions and airspace design are all attempts to improve things, but it’s a problem that will persist for the time being.

Aviation PR has a critical role in the improvement of relations with the public when it comes to noise pollution.

Unexpected Incidents

Flight MH370. Ring any bells? It’s the Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared in 2014.

It caught the attention of the globe and devastated the company. PR efforts were considered a total failure, which made things that much worse.

This is an extreme example, but it perfectly encapsulates just why an aviation PR specialist is needed for major incidents. 

This need isn’t just related to crashes or disappearing planes either (though they’ve gotta be the most damaging, surely?). Remember the United Airlines passenger who was forcibly removed from the flight? Another PR disaster.

These issues always grab media attention because people are particularly sensitive and anxious when it comes to aviation. 

The crisis management aspect of public relations is arguably the most important for aviation businesses – so keep that in mind.

It’s hopefully clear just why aviation PR is essential for all of the different actors within the industry. 

Final Takeaways

Before you depart, I hope you’ve arrived (so to speak) at the correct conclusion. 

Aviation businesses and services are vulnerable in the court of public opinion. Take steps to safeguard your business and bolster your reputation by enlisting a highly qualified service as soon as possible.