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Pearl Lemon, as a leading CBD PR agency, is well-equipped to steer your cannabis brand in the right direction while managing your public relations demands intelligently. We’ll accomplish this by highlighting the product range, conveying your unique story, and drawing attention to your rapidly expanding business in key regions and showcasing it to key audiences.

We don’t sit around waiting for news from our clients. We devise effective strategies to assist clients in making the news and grabbing the attention of CBD players – journalists, bloggers, influencers and, of course, the customers themselves – to help your CBD business stand out in an increasingly crowded field.

Services We Can Offer As Your CBD PR Agency

Smart, Education Focused CBD Traditional PR

We have a comprehensive and fact based knowledge of the cannabis market and how to manage public relations in this ever-changing and evolving field. We are an established presence in this rapidly expanding field, we keep a close eye on local and federal legislation, a strong pulse on significant expos and leadership conferences, and forge and maintain proven partnerships with influencers and thought leaders. We collaborate with clients who are farming, manufacturing, producing, and pioneering with cannabis, hemp, and CBD in the cannabis and CBD markets, so we know our way around every inch of them.

Because cannabis and CBD are new to many people, Pearl Lemon PR, as a CBD PR agency, has come up with a variety of techniques and unique ways to highlight the CBD and cannabis industries’ appeal, such as bringing in well-known personalities or introducing new faces to the media scene.

We also understand that there is still a lot of skepticism surrounding all things cannabis and CBD, so we ensure that every PR campaign we undertake is based in persuasive fact, educates those who don’t understand, and, perhaps most importantly, helps ensure you and your brand always stay on the right side of the law.

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Strategic CBD Social Media Campaigns

Despite their growing popularity, the cannabis, hemp, and CBD sectors are still barred from traditional advertising, including social media. However, if done right, social media remains an important tool for promoting cannabis products. We develop a plan and create content schedules for our clients as a top CBD PR agency, ensuring that their brand is properly promoted.

We stay up to date with the newest trends and news, incorporate hashtag holidays, and then develop content that stimulates a call to action when choosing the appropriate material. When choosing hashtag holidays, we look for those that are most closely related to the brand. For example, a CBD brand might run a promotion for National CBD Month in August, or a medical marijuana company might do a giveaway for 4/20.

Working with social media influencers is another technique to get past the constraints of paid social media advertising. Our team has developed partnerships and collaborated with a wide range of micro- and macro-influencers across a variety of areas, including cannabis, lifestyle, fashion, health, food, and travel, who can help shape a brand’s perception in the public eye.

Speaking Engagements and Thought Leadership

The growing CBD and cannabis industries offer limitless potential benefits to end users – and those end user can include anyone from Gen X experimenters to beloved pets – but it is also so new that many of those who could be in your target audience – and become your loyal customers – are still confused about all kinds of issues surrounding what you do.

These people often actively search for information that will help clear up that confusion and help them make what they feel is a more informed decision about their participation in the cannabis industry. And who better to provide that information than you?

Review Management for Doctors

As your CBD PR agency, Pearl Lemon PR will work hard to establish you as a thought leader in your CBD space. This will include helping you create, publish and promote onsite blogs, articles and other content, appear on relevant podcasts and vlogs – or maybe even start your own – and secure speaking engagements at relevant industry events.

We can also help you become that ‘go to’ reliable source that traditional journalists look for when it comes to covering an industry as ever-changing, fast growing and yes, controversial as the cannabis industry. Once you are established as a trusted voice that trust will be passed on to your business and your brand, leading the public to see what you offer as legitimate and viable, rather than a possible scary scam.

Media Training

In order to become a thought leader in your space, and to represent your brand in general, you’ll need to know how to handle appearing in the media, whether that’s speaking with individual journalists, appearing on TV or radio, guesting on a podcast or appearing at an event. As a business person or entrepreneur, you may not be as comfortable with the thought as those used to the spotlight, but with our PR professionals available to offer media training to you and your key personnel, we know your star will shine!

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CBD Crisis Communications

Although it is not our favorite task as a CBD PR agency, if our clients need us to, we are always ready to step in in the event of a PR crisis. We can help you formulate a fact based, honest response to criticism or controversy that will not only minimize the damage but have you come out of it all looking better than before.

We don’t just wait for bad things to happen to start thinking about crises though, we actively help you prevent them. By keeping a super watchful eye on legislation and public opinion, as well as media perceptions, we’ll help ensure that almost every media mention of your brand is a positive one.

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CBD is legal to use public relations services because it can be used for medical purposes. If you are looking for a CBD PR agency in the UK then Pearl Lemon PR is the one for you.

A CBD agency sells CBD products for medical and calming purposes. The common product is CBD oil but CBD can come in other things like gummies and chocolate.

CBD is a controversial product and is a lot more challenging to promote than other products. The best thing to do is hire a CBD PR agency.

Here are the top 10 CBD companies.

  1. Joy Organics
  2. Lazarus Naturals
  3. Saha Self Care
  4. Empower Bodycare
  5. Just Live
  6. Medterra
  7. cbdMD
  8. Green Gorilla
  9. Cornbread Hemp
  10. Charlotte’s Web

You don’t need a permit to buy CBD oil but you will need a license to sell CBD in certain locations.

CBD oil can be bought legally if it contains 0.3% or less THC in the United States.

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