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We’ve worked long, hard, and meticulously to create a one-of-a-kind fashion PR Los Angeles solution, just as you’ve crafted your fashion line to stand out from the crowd, guaranteeing that it never appears ordinary.

What is Fashion PR?

Fashion PR is the promotion of apparel and accessory labels and companies through earned media channels such as radio, print, web, and social media. Fashion PR Los Angeles works with editors, creators, reporters, and writers at major news outlets, as well as bloggers, YouTube vloggers, and social media celebrities, who are increasingly becoming the focus of successful fashion PR efforts.

What Can a Fashion Public Relations Firm Los Angeles Do For You?

Grab Media Attention That Matters

With the advent of e-commerce, tens of thousands of firms can now offer fashion online. As e-commerce becomes more prevalent, huge fashion weeks are rapidly being phased out, leaving a brand with even fewer opportunities to promote itself through traditional PR methods.

So you’ll have to work hard to make it sound like the reporter you’re pitching has exclusive access to a line that millions of fashionistas are yearning to get their hands on. The usage of exclusivity, which is one of the hallmarks of luxury fashion, can make fashion editors and reporters feel gratified enough to write a story about your brand while painting a picture of it as high-end and desirable.

The Pearl Lemon Fashion PR team’s copy experts have a high level of expertise writing these kinds of press releases, articles, and content pieces, and working with us will provide you full access to their exceptional skills and experience.

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However, if you’re only pitching reporters at the ‘major’ fashion publications, you’re missing out on a huge potential to increase revenue and gain exposure. Pitching smaller publications with hyper-engaged audiences will help you to reach a market that is ready to buy, because customers who read the publications are fiercely loyal to them and regard their opinion as gospel.

The Pearl Lemon fashion PR Los Angeles team is always scanning the fashion media landscape for neglected possibilities to promote your business, and aggressively cultivates relationships with the content creators, influencers, and journalists who are responsible for them.

Develop Relationships with the Right Influence Circles

In comparison to trend-setters in other industries, celebrities and influencers play a much bigger role in fashion PR Los Angeles. Emerging firms can form partnerships with high-profile social influencers and up-and-coming celebrities. Despite the fact that A-list celebrities receive a lot of attention in the traditional media, it’s often the lesser known outside their niche influencers that fashion fans trust most.

We use our extensive PR relationships at Pearl Lemon PR, both with known media personalities and up-and-coming influencers, to guarantee that the appropriate people are talking about your business and your looks at the right moment.

In the fashion PR Los Angeles industry, innovation is the key to success. We understand that your audiences’ motivations, passions and desires can shift. We’ve devised a digital strategy that allows you to reach influencers wherever they are and through any channel they prefer.

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Gain High Profile Event Coverage

High-profile events, such as regional Fashion Weeks held across the world, film festivals, awards presentations, and other occasions where fashion takes center stage, particularly for luxury or high-end designs, continue to dominate fashion PR Los Angeles. As your fashion PR agency, Pearl Lemon will ensure that your brand is recognized – and when appropriate, highlighted – at these events, allowing your wares to take center stage in all the right places, worn by exactly the right people.

We don’t just place our clients’ looks at a stock set of events, we tailor their placement according to the clients’ niche, to ensure that your fashions never look out of place and will attract the attention of those you envisioned wearing them when they were created.

We'll Be There If Things Go Wrong

While we hope you never have to need us, Pearl Lemon PR can be your go-to team if things don’t go as planned for your company. We are professionals at working with brands during crises and unfortunate occurrences, ensuring that a company’s corporate reputation and brand equity are protected by interacting with media outlets and the general public quickly, accurately, and consistently.

Media Training That Matters

To many fashion fans, their fascination with it extends to interest in the people behind the fashions they wear, and they consume content about fashion designers as greedily as they do about the items they create. While Pearl Lemon PR can, and will, find you opportunities to introduce yourself to the world and provide this type of popular content across a variety of channels, you will still need to be the face and voice the public sees.

All of our PR clients receive media interview training and media crisis simulation seminars to help them perform at their best under pressure. Even if you and your principals haven’t had much exposure to the media previously, we’ll make sure you’re ready for it.

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Why Choose Pearl Lemon PR as Your Fashion PR Los Angeles Agency?

The Pearl Lemon PR team not only knows how to pitch journalists and editors succinctly, directly, and comprehensively, but they also know how to do it faster than any other firm. So, what does it all mean for clients? We can not only reach journalists first, providing your brand and executives an advantage over the competition in the news cycle, but we can also generate more pitches, resulting in greater exposure for our clients.

This method has raised conversion rates by as much as 400%, allowing us to gain media spots for businesses across a variety of platforms and channels. It’s effective and efficient. It can also have a big impact on the performance of your business.

Are you ready to collaborate with a new type of fashion PR firm in Los Angeles?

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Fashion PR FAQs

Here are 3 ways to get PR for your clothing brand:

  1. Reach out to influencers that go well with your brand
  2. Build a message around your brand and have journalists spread the word
  3. Host events whether it be online or in-person and promote on social media

Depending on how larger your brand is you can expect PR experts to charge $125 an hour for smaller agencies. Larger PR agencies like PR in Los Angeles will be more expensive but get the job done!

A fashion PR agency focus on public and media relations that focus on building the reputation of a fashion company. There are many PR agencies in Los Angeles that represent fashion brands because they understand how to build an audience.

A degree in fashion PR is not necessary but you can have supporting degrees. Popular degrees can be communications, journalism, marketing, fashion design, and business. Overall it is more about the experience and skills gained over the years.

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