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Lifestyle public relations is about building long-term relationships between consumers and brands, not only educating them and making products and services visible to the right audiences. As a lifestyle PR agency, Pearl Lemon PR has unrivaled expertise and resources for executing global lifestyle and consumer PR campaigns that help lifestyle brands thrive.

Does My Brand Fit the Lifestyle PR Niche?

Someone mentioned that your brand might be a fit for working with a lifestyle PR agency. But from glossy magazines to micro influencers, what is lifestyle PR? And where do you begin? And do you even belong in that category?

In its most basic form, lifestyle PR is the promotion of things designed to improve your life and the way you live it into the lifestyle media – which includes anything from food and drink to fitness, travel to pet food, home décor to cosmetic products, and just about everything in between.

Once upon a time, doing lifestyle PR was as simple as getting a bunch of journalists to write about your stuff, people reading about it, and then buying it. Job done, onto the next one.

Matters are a little more, well, complicated these days. It can be difficult to know where to promote your product, showcase your services  or invest your marketing cash.

Leads To Your Business

For starters, the sheer volume of lifestyle media is enormous and growing every day as consumers engage with new channels – from social media to virtual versions of their favorite publications that can be accessed via phones and tablets and are clickable and shoppable. And then there’s YouTube, which is a whole other story.

Indeed, a quick check of the lifestyle publications listed in a popular PR influencer outreach program indicates that the UK alone has over 5,000 lifestyle media outlets.

It’s a confusing scenario. Where do you focus your attention? How can you tell the difference between a genuine and a fake influencer? Any lifestyle PR agency worth its salt (ahem… us!) will be able to advise you on which ones are appropriate for your target demographic, and then help you get positioned – and seen – in all the right places and by the right people.

How is Lifestyle PR Different?

The fact is that every PR campaign is different, but lifestyle PR has a definite tone that needs to be maintained. No matter what you offer, your target audience needs to believe that taking advantage of your products and services will in some way, enhance their life, and, in some cases, things like their social standing as well.

For example, there are hundreds of skincare products available for consumers to choose from. And, if we’re all honest, many of them start out with a similar ingredient base, and do similar things. Those that do capture consumer attention – and not only get them to make a purchase once but to become a loyal customer/user – are those that market and publicize their offerings in a way that makes them seem aspirational to the target market.

Much of this involves standard marketing (and, by the way, we know a great team for that too) but it’s lifestyle PR that really makes a difference. Consumers are increasingly tuning out ads and the level of trust they have in them is diminishing. This means making a good impression and maintaining that is an absolute must to make it in the lifestyle niche.


However, they will sit up and take notice if their favorite beauty blogger recommends a certain face cream, or the beauty vlogger they watch three times a week on YouTube features it and loves it. Some demographics will also be hugely impressed if their favorite Sunday supplement mentions it, or if a brand principal appears on a local news segment.

As a leading lifestyle PR agency, Pearl Lemon PR can help you connect with all of these outlets and more to position your brand as the next thing that consumers truly ‘must have’ in order to make their life easier, happier, more efficient, or however you want them to feel.

You can rest easily while we do all the heavy lifting. If social media is not your “thing” then we have got you covered. We have the skills and know how to get your lifestyle brand seen and in front of “your people”.

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Lifestyle PR agency FAQs

Lifestyle PR is the promotion of products designed to enhance your life and the way you live it . This means that a lifestyle PR agency is a group of lifestyle PR experts that know how to promote your products in a way that makes your ideal prospects feel they need your products. This is done in a way that displays your brand as a necessity to improve and maintain a certain lifestyle.

All in all it is any industry that may have any sort of impact on your day to day life.

Your agency ideally has experience working with the media that cover your industry, and you should expect an interview request, press release and more. Have no fear though. Pearl Lemon PR has plenty of proven experience within the lifestyle niche to get you featured.


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