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Online reviews can either make or break your company. The long-term viability of your company depends on keeping up its online reputation. Poor ratings can turn off potential customers before they even walk through the door. It might only take a few weeks before you have to shut your doors if one of the negative reviews goes viral.

Managing your internet reputation is simpler than you believe and can immediately benefit your business. Now that the world is moving into the digital age, finding reviews is easier than ever. 

Making sure your customers are satisfied and happy with their visit is vital. Beyond that, making them spread the word on social media about their satisfaction is also very important.

A whopping 85% of customers value online reviews at the same tier as a personal recommendation. So if you want more customers, you need to look into online reputation management.

Online reputation management is simple, but that doesn’t mean you should do it yourself. It is just a part of a larger digital marketing strategy. Knowing the nitty gritty of it will take years of research. 

Luckily for you, Pearl Lemon PR is here. Our services will help maintain the honour of your body piercing shop. So whether you dub as a tattoo artist or only do cosmetic piercing, our ORM will grow your local authority and attract potential clients to your shop.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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You Stand To Gain Alot From Taking Care Of Your Online Reputation

You’re mistaken if you think that only big brands and companies need to worry about their online reputation. People have much to gain from paying more attention to their online reputation.

How you look online matters because that impression lasts forever and can be found by anyone who knows how including potential employers and business partners. How people see you based on your digital image can make the difference between getting that dream job or that project.

Managing your business’s reputation should be a big part of what you do. After all, it lets you know what customers think about your business. Online reputation management is vital for businesses that want to keep their reputations in good shape. 

People give businesses reviews daily in the form of 1-5 star ratings, comments, blog posts, or social media posts. So, what someone says about a business is helpful for the business and people who might want to buy from it. After all, a business can fail because of bad ratings and reviews

Here are some clear examples of why a business should care about its reputation. These are:

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Better Search Engine Ranking

SEO is impacted a lot by online reviews. As your search engine ranking increases, so does your visibility. Search engines only prioritise websites that they deem beneficial to prospects. When you have a lot of negative commentaries, search engines will flag your site as irrelevant, which will hurt your SEO position. So, a business that puts in the most effort to improve its online reputation will increase its SEO visibility.

Having A Trustworthy Reputation With Customers

It’s not all about pleasing the algorithm when doing reputation management. It also has to do with how people recognise a brand. Customers trust online reviews, so getting their trust is very important. Everyone knows that a business can’t stay in business without a good reputation. Once a customer trusts a business, that customer will tell others about the business.

A lot of weight is put on online reviews when deciding whether or not to trust a brand. When a business takes care of its reputation well, it’s easy for people to trust it. So, positive reviews can make people more likely to trust a business. If a business has a good name, people trust it more than its competitors.

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Image Of A Professional

A good corporate image is an excellent way for a company to market itself. A business may need a lot of time to persuade potential customers to buy its products or use its services.

Customers and people who might become customers would try to find out about a business split by looking up the name on Google. Since potential customers don’t know much about a business, they will look for information about it online before making a choice. So, if potential customers find out that your business has a bad name, they won’t do business with you. 

Many people might not know that a business’s sales can increase if it takes care of its reputation well. A business’s brand image can change a lot for the better if sales go up.

Maintaining a positive reputation, regardless of what kind of business you run, is crucial. If a business pays much attention to managing its reputation, it can dramatically improve its SEO rankings. It can also help a business earn the trust of its customers.

How To Keep Reputation Problems At Bay

Some problems in parlours can be fixed by changing the people who work there, like hiring more people to make service go faster. Poor communication with customers is the cause of many problems, but it’s also an easy way to cut down on complaints and improve service.

It’s easy to forget, but the artists and the people who hire them know very different things. By teaching people about piercings and listening to what they have to say, you can stop a lot of complaints from happening. If you don’t do this, your artists might seem rude or uncaring about their clients. You could also end up hurting your clients with the piercings and, even worse, getting a lawsuit.

Before they start piercing, your artists should talk to their clients to find out what they want. A client’s idea about the pain might be entirely off, making it seem like your piercing shop is doing a bad job. Your artists should also teach clients how to properly care for their piercings. 

This can help them avoid getting an infection in the first place. A professional piercer should know better than a doctor about piercings, so tell your clients that they should come to you first if they suspect any complications.

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Being Clear With Your Prices

Not being clear about prices can also hurt your business. If you aren’t clear about how much your services cost, your clients might be shocked and take their complaints online. Before getting a piercing, clients should know how much their piercer charges and get an estimate.

You should adequately explain that getting a piercing from a reputable, professional shop means shelling out some cash. Piercing shops charge what they do because doing something right isn’t cheap. Not only are they piercing you with sterilised equipment and medical-grade jewellery made of suitable metals, but they are also doing it in a safe and clean environment with professionals trained in this field. All of these things cost money. They are not trying to rip you off.

Sometimes, people assume that piercing shops are overcharging, so they head to places with lower prices. These places can actually put you at risk of getting an infection or a misaligned piercing because they may use lower-quality jewellery, not know how to pierce properly, or not have sterilised equipment.

How To Handle The Online Reputation Of Your Piercing Shop

In the past, word of mouth was enough to keep piercing parlours going. Today, however, many people do a lot of research online before choosing where to get their piercings. If you have a bad reputation online, it will hurt your business by scaring away potential customers.

One way to build a good online reputation is to ask customers who are happy with your services to leave positive reviews. A good review is free advertising; it could bring you even more customers if it goes viral. 

You could reward customers who leave reviews and thank them for doing so. This could help you keep customers coming back. If your parlour has terrible reviews online, it’s important to respond to them and, if possible, fix the problems that the reviewers brought up. This shows that your business cares about how happy its customers are and may also show that some bad reviews aren’t authentic.

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Let Us Help You Handle It

It is quite distressing and alarming how many things you need to remember to manage your online reputation effectively. It takes years of research and experience to do these things. Understandably, you see it as a daunting task, especially since this is far from the field of expertise of a piercing shop.

Worry not; Pearl Lemon PR has years of accumulated experience. Leave it to the professionals, and we’ll ensure your online reputation is cleaner than ever. We assure you that all negative reviews will turn into positive ones.

If you’re concerned about customer reviews or your shop’s general reputation, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Whilst you're here why not get a free SEO audit! 🙂

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You can use strategies and actions that help people get a good and accurate impression of your business. Remember that your company’s reputation goes far beyond the parts of your brand, services, and products you can control.


It would be helpful to know people with a lot of authority or influence in the industry at this point. If your reputation gets better, it’s more likely to get better. But it’s also true that the opposite is true. The broken window principle also applies to a person’s reputation. When a company’s reputation is hurt, it can go downhill quickly and worsen.

You can keep track of your reputation with tools like Talkwalker, Google Alerts, SEMRush, and others. Reputation monitoring differs from reputation management, which is about what you want people to write and think about your company. Keeping an eye on your reputation means keeping an eye on the platforms that customers use to talk about your company with others and the platforms they use to interact with your organisation. This will let you make changes to keep your organisation and your services looking good and honest.

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