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Plastic surgery and other cosmetic surgical procedures are becoming increasingly popular, and there is fierce rivalry among plastic surgery practices. What are you doing to ensure that your plastic surgery practice succeeds in this increasingly competitive environment? To get an advantage over your competitors, you must monitor your practice’s internet reputation in addition to promoting it.

While the typical target consumer is not a bargain shopper, they do evaluate a surgeon’s reputation carefully. You risk losing potential patients to your competitors if you don’t keep an eye on your digital reputation. A single poor internet review, unpleasant article, or even a social media comment about your firm can limit your ability to attract new clients or keep existing ones. This is why, in order to attract new patients and maintain good relationships with existing ones, plastic surgeon reputation management is critical.

What is Plastic Surgeon Reputation Management?

If you ask some firms who offer reputation management for plastic surgeons, they’ll tell you that plastic surgeon reputation management is all about monitoring online reviews. These are very important – we’ll get to why in a moment – but they are far from the only things to be addressed when implementing an effective plastic surgeon reputation management campaign.

You also need to look at making use of all kinds of content, earned media and even social media – to build your reputation while also monitoring these channels (and more) for the kinds of negative mentions, comments and coverage that can be so damaging to a plastic surgeon and their practice if they come up in an online search. This kind of specialist expertise is best handled by a PR agency that specializes in digital reputation management, an agency like Pearl Lemon PR.

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The Importance - and Dangers - of Online Reviews for Plastic Surgeons

While online reviews are now prevalent in all kinds of niches and industries, doctors and surgeons were among the first to be included on consumer facing business review sites, and prospective patients will now review them almost automatically, long before they even begin thinking about booking a consultation with any one plastic surgeon.

The occasional poor review is almost to be expected, and, if handled properly, the right responses from the practice can minimize its overall impact and maybe even turn an unhappy patient into a satisfied one. In fact, all five-star reviews often make savvy consumers uneasy, as, used to the idea from years of making use of reviews and understanding that sometimes reviews are not always genuine, they may suspect a plastic surgeon of placing fake reviews.

Getting your patients to leave reviews can be challenging, even if they have told you in person multiple times how delighted they are with your work. Working with a PR company who specialize in plastic surgeon reputation management gives you access to an experienced team who can not only help you find and respond to negative reviews but to encourage your satisfied customers to leave their thoughts on review sites to help your practice grow.

Thought Leadership for Plastic Surgeon Reputation Management

Reviews are far from the only thing consumers research about plastic surgery and plastic surgeons online. As is the case for all things health related, they increasingly turn to Google and the Internet to research procedures themselves, or how plastic surgery might solve one of their nagging personal pain points or insecurities.

If it is you and your practice who provide the accurate, helpful content they are looking for, they are far more likely to choose to book a consultation with you as they will already have the impression that you are a trustworthy, knowledgeable source of helpful information.


Written content is an excellent place to start, but videos, podcasts, and even TV and radio appearances can all be useful in establishing you as a go-to thought leader in your specialty. The person the media, in all its many forms, looks to for trusted information. In marketing and public relations, we call this thought leadership, and in the right hands it can be a powerful force for reputation management and brand building success.

At Pearl Lemon PR, we execute proven strategies to position our clients as thought leaders. We help you find and take advantage of earned media opportunities, while also helping you create the most effective owned media. We can even offer you media training if you do not have experience in front of a camera or behind a microphone.

Crisis Management for Plastic Surgeon Reputation Management

While we hope it never happens to you, a bad media mention, unfavorable social media comments, or a particularly harsh review may necessitate urgent crisis communication in order to mitigate and minimize the harm to your professional reputation and practice. This reaction, in the right hands, has the ability to not only avert permanent reputational damage, but also to enhance your image as a plastic surgeon to whom people can confidently commit their health.

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What Makes Pearl Lemon PR Different

Pearl Lemon PR’s experienced team goes above and beyond for every client when it comes to plastic surgery reputation management. But that’s not all; we can also provide a full-service public relations campaign to help establish your clinic as the go-to location for professional plastic surgery advice and treatment, even for those who (think) they don’t like doctors. To learn more about how we can assist you, please contact us today.

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