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It’s critical to think about public relations early on in the planning process for any event, especially one held in a city as vibrant and busy as London.


You’ll need to consider your event’s aims and objectives, as well as the techniques and strategies you’ll use to achieve them and even the target audiences you want to reach, before launching a PR campaign. You may also be competing with lots of other London events, as it is, after all, a city where there is always something going on…


This can add a great deal of time and a lot of headaches to an already busy time. That’s where, as a leading PR events agency London, Pearl Lemon PR can help.

Why You Need Event PR

No matter how exciting your event is going to be, if people don’t know about it, it will fall flat. Effective public relations is crucial to the success of any event, and there are a multitude of channels to utilize in event promotion. 


Pearl Lemon PR has assisted in the transformation of good events into exceptional events by enhancing the event’s value through effective public relations initiatives. Working as an events PR agency London, we’ve helped design and implement highly effective event PR campaigns a range of client events at Pearl Lemon PR, including:


  • Media tours, sneak peeks, and open houses
  • Celebrations of Milestones
  • Product Debuts
  • Ceremonies of Appreciation and Recognition
  • Groundbreakings, ribbon cuttings, and grand openings
  • Monthly gatherings, annual conferences, and corporate summits

Business events are not the only occasions that benefit from PR though. Non-profit events need to generate as much interest as possible too, in order to reach their fundraising goals. The best way to do that is to work with a proven events PR agency London like Pearl Lemon PR. 

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How Event PR Has Changed... And Why You Need to Care

In the twenty-first century, event PR entails much more than simply sending out a press release. When done correctly, public relations can effectively generate ticket sales and participation, secure sponsors and ads, create a buzz around and public awareness of your events, and motivate mainstream press to attend and/or cover the occasion and any future events.


However, with public attention so divided these days you need to get the word out in a lot of different places, often making use of different messages and strategies catered to your target audience.


When you work with Pearl Lemon PR as your event PR agency London your campaign will be bespoke and unique to you and your occasion. However, some of the most commonly used PR tactics include all the following:

Traditional PR

Yes, press releases are still used to generate buzz. These are written ahead of time and pitched to relevant publications, as well as being placed on your website and social media and distributed through wire services.


Writing the same old press release for the event does not work. This is why Pearl Lemon PR’s content writers make sure to include personality, enthuse about the event with zeal, and provide a strong call to action.


We strive to tie client events to a local community topic or a trend whenever possible. When an event is linked to a larger conversation, media advisories, press releases, pitches, and social media pieces become even more relevant and impactful.


We invite the media to attend and cover the event in addition to issuing press releases. We also make the event available on local listings and calendars.

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Content Creation

Do you really need an event blog? The simple answer is yes, if you want to make use the power of search engines to help more people find out about your event. 


Our expert PR content creation team can help you create blog entries that discuss not only what your company is doing at an event, but also what you are looking forward to. Are there any topics that you’re particularly enthusiastic about? Are there any other brands involved that we could include in your post? We’ll always make sure we ask.


We can also develop a landing page with all of the event’s details — who, what, when, where, why, and how – that answers all of the questions potential attendees may have.


In these posts we can include behind-the-scenes footage or photographs, a speaker’s program with snippets from their work, and so on. 


We can produce more blog entries after the event that review the highlights and include images or videos from the event. We’ll also make a point of sharing this on social media, so that you get maximum PR ROI from your event, even months after it is over.

Effective Social Media Strategies

PR and social media go together, as any event PR agency London knows. We certainly do.


We utilize social media at Pearl Lemon PR with scheduled posts as well as live updates throughout the event. We can also assist you in enlisting partners and sponsors in your social media campaign to promote events and tag them in your posts so that they are more likely to share them. 


We can even develop sample posts for your staff and third parties to share, making it simple for them to copy and paste to quickly spread the news about your event.



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Influencer Marketing for Events PR

A key issue for businesses in today’s digital environment is that they are often faceless in a sea of other brands’ social feeds. Influencers, on the other hand, know how to develop interesting content that stands out and resonates with their target audience.


What kinds of projects can influencers assist brands with? Just a few examples include keynote speeches, panel discussions, promotions, and live-streaming.


As a leading events PR agency London, Pearl Lemon maintains an extensive database of successful social media influencers. We can help you determine which ones would be helpful in promoting your event and then handle all the negotiations to have them do so.

Ready to ensure that your next event is a stunning success?

Contact us today, so we can discuss just how Pearl Lemon PR can help.

PR Events Agency London FAQs

Public relations plays a crucial role in event success. Considering PR early in the planning process allows you to define event objectives, strategize on reaching target audiences, and develop effective techniques to achieve your goals. In a bustling city like London, where competition among events is high, early PR planning becomes even more critical.

Effective public relations is essential for the success of any event. It helps generate awareness, attract attendees, secure sponsorships and advertisements, create a buzz around the event, and garner media coverage. Public relations strategies and channels are vital in promoting events and increasing their overall impact.

Pearl Lemon PR, as a leading events PR agency in London, has a track record of transforming good events into exceptional ones through effective public relations. We employ strategic PR campaigns tailored to client events, including media tours, product debuts, milestone celebrations, appreciation ceremonies, and more. Our expertise helps maximize event visibility and impact.

In the digital era, event PR has evolved beyond press releases. It now involves comprehensive strategies to generate ticket sales, secure sponsorships, create buzz, and drive participation. With fragmented public attention, it requires utilizing various platforms and tailored messages to reach target audiences effectively.

Traditional PR tactics, such as press releases, remain effective in generating buzz for events. However, Pearl Lemon PR goes beyond the conventional approach by infusing personality, enthusiasm, and strong calls to action in their press releases. They also employ media invitations, local community tie-ins, social media promotion, and blog content creation to enhance event exposure.

Event blogs are essential in utilizing the power of search engines to increase event visibility. Pearl Lemon PR’s content creation team helps create engaging blog entries discussing event highlights, speakers, partner brands, and behind-the-scenes footage. We also develop landing pages with comprehensive event details, ensuring potential attendees find all the necessary information.

Social media is a crucial component of event PR. Pearl Lemon PR utilizes scheduled and live social media posts throughout the event, engaging with the audience and generating excitement. We can also assist in enlisting partners and sponsors for collaborative social media campaigns, increasing event promotion and reach.

Influencers can help brands stand out and resonate with their target audience. Pearl Lemon PR maintains an extensive database of successful social media influencers. They identify relevant influencers, negotiate partnerships, and coordinate influencer involvement in promoting events. Influencers can contribute through various means, such as keynote speeches, panel discussions, promotions, and live streaming.

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