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PR for Events London: Elevating Your Event's Profile

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Receiving positive press is one of the best ways to raise public awareness and improve your brand reputation. While advertising is responsible for building brand awareness, public relations (PR) tells the story of the brand and shapes public perception. PR professionals manage brand communications and nurture media relationships to generate positive publicity.

PR is an integral part of event promotion. A well-executed PR campaign builds awareness, generates sales, and builds relationships with media, customers, event partners, and other stakeholders. That’s why you need to approach PR the right way. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time and resources.

With hundreds of events in Shoreditch, Soho, and Peckham in London, it can be difficult to make your event stand out from the crowd–you’ll need a professional to assist you.

Whether a product launch, conference, or exhibition, Pearl Lemon PR can ensure that everyone in the town will get the word about your event. 

Call us today to learn more about how we can help your event stand out from the rest.

Tips For Creating A Successful PR Strategy For Events

We’ve noticed a trend: the more difficult an event is to attend, the more interest it generates

Exclusivity ensures greater reach. However, this selectivity must be justified. You need to bring the essence of exclusivity into the event. This is what appeals to all. So how do you generate interest in your event PR plan?

You need to bet on uniqueness if it is a closed event. Then, you need to find bloggers and micro-influencers so that they can convey the information to the right people.

If you have a large-scale open event, consider what audience you can gather, concentrate on what this audience wants, and use the following communication ideas. 

Here are more useful tips for creating a successful PR strategy for events.

Invite The Press To Your PR Event

Event PR is all about publicity. There won’t be masses without a strong media presence. Event coverage increases brand awareness and credibility. So plan and organise your media event in advance, paying close attention to lead times, press dates, and editorial calendars.

When planning your media coverage, the first thing to do is to research the types of press that are likely to cover your event. For example, food magazines are a good platform for promoting food events. Think local. Local media are much more likely to cover your food event than national media like CNN.

Once we have identified our target sites and publications, we will contact individual reporters and editors directly. Media houses receive hundreds of articles and leads, but using generic contact and tips pages can overwhelm your press releases. Include important event information such as name, date, time and location. Create the perfect press pitch using our service proposal software, detailing how your event fits into your publication’s focus and why your audience will be interested.

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Brand Messaging

Social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are great channels for sharing event teasers and growing your guest list. In the meantime, media consulting can generate additional interest and attract the attention of the press. Everything you do to promote your brand should focus on meeting your target audience’s wants and needs.

Of course, you want the media to be interested in your business, but your message should be aimed primarily at potential customers in your audience. So keep yourself at the forefront of communication at all times.

Bespoke Content Creation

Press releases can be used to ensure a consistent flow of information to a broad target media list, but be sure to distribute to personal media contacts who have a genuine interest in your event. In our experience, mass distribution of press releases has little impact.

Instead, it’s far more rewarding to focus on developing customised content for your primary target media. This is more of a daunting task as it requires an in-depth knowledge of the event programme, the specialities of the speakers and other presenters, the industry, and current trends and issues affecting both the audience and the target media.

Examples of customised content include:

  • Profile your company’s key spokespersons as industry thought leaders through columns, Q&As, and radio and TV interviews. – Provide a teaser press release containing key takeaways from company speakers presenting at the event.
  • Columns and editorial contributions with input from your company spokesperson based on industry topics relevant to the event.
  • Leverage relationships with event partners, speakers, and sponsors to create joint content, features, articles, and Q&As.
  • Attend live-streamed webinars and roundtables on industry-relevant topics.
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PR Shouldn't Stop When The Party Ends

When considering PR for an event, it is important to plan for event preparation and follow-up and ensure both the quantity and quality of media. After the event, continue to monitor impact, track coverage, and ensure that journalists are in attendance and, if possible, respond to inquiries from journalists who have received press releases.

Hire A PR Agency

PR is an intense and difficult task that can be rewarding and disappointing. Event managers sometimes tend to overlook this because it requires effective strategy. PR can make or break your event, so you should consider hiring a PR agency.

But if you decide to hire an agency for your company’s event PR, instead of passively waiting for your briefings and direction, look for someone willing to work as an extension of your team to advise, advise, and actively guide PR strategy and content development–like Pearl Lemon PR.

How Our PR For Events London Works

If you’re interested in hiring a reputable PR agency for your event, see what Pearl Lemon PR offers.

Social Media PR

If there’s one thing most people can’t avoid daily, it’s social media. There are 53 million active social media users in London alone. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok have become important places to interact, stay informed, and share insights. Your event should keep up with this trend. Be the viral hit everyone is talking about with your social media PR.

Influencer Management

Worried about managing your relationship with your hired influencer? We’ve got you covered. We will support you from negotiations to cooperation with influencer management services. This includes influencer content creation, approval, campaign management, payment, and building long-term relationships.

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Crisis Management

Organisations must deal with all disruptive and unexpected events that threaten to harm them. Our PR Crisis Management assesses your situation and works with you to develop a personalised action plan that meets your needs.

Media Releases

A press release, press release, media release, press release, or video release is a public statement made to news media members to provide information or make an official statement or announcement. 

As a business, you may need the help of local media to gain exposure. Our consistently compelling media relations strategy allows us to coordinate with those responsible for producing news and features in local mass media.

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Entrust Your Reputation With Pearl Lemon PR

A good reputation is the most valuable asset a company can have. Too often, small businesses neglect this marketing area and leave it to chance.

In the Pearl Lemon PR business, we know that generating positive PR directly impacts your event’s success. 

Whether you’re writing a column for a trade magazine or relaxing at a workshop or speaking event, Pearl Lemon PR can help.

Ready to work on your brand’s reputation

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Hiring a PR agency helps your recruitment agency get noticed and build a positive reputation with your audience through various free or earned communications, including traditional media, social media, and personal engagement. A PR agency also helps clients protect their reputations during a crisis.

Most event advertising campaigns are best suited for 3-6 months or longer. This is because some media often have longer lead times.

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