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Most of a typical attorney’s attention is naturally directed toward client representation. As a result, attorneys and law firms frequently devote insufficient time to managing the business of practising law. For a law practice, devoting adequate time and effort to issues like public relations can be challenging.

The past thirty years have seen a significant increase in competition within the legal industry. But how can you do that if you must work on representing clients? That’s where we come in.

Pearl Lemon PR can help law firms like yours display their positive image and credibility–persuading more potential clients to work with you.

With Pearl Lemon PR, you can be one of the preferable law firms like Wellers Law Group, Bark & Co Solicitors, and Saunders Law in London.

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The Need For Legal PR

Most attorneys are well aware of the difficulty in finding and keeping clients. Since competition is fierce, it is essential to rise above the din of rivalry. Public relations can be a special tool for expanding a firm’s reputation, differentiating a professional area, and establishing thought leadership. 

In addition, PR can also help with the following:

Other Companies Can endorse you

There’s a good potential that other law firms will quote your writing in addition to aggregators. First off, this greatly enhances your credibility. PR-based free advertising for legal firms can only be beneficial. Second, it distinguishes you as a reliable person. Since they are already familiar with you, this endorsement acts as a crucial catapult if you wish to work with other larger companies.

A Low-Cost Option

Public relations is viable for small, medium, and large law firms. By launching a PR campaign, you may develop credibility and trust for your firm without having to spend a lot of money. 

Public relations leverages unpaid media exposure to increase interest in and demand for your business’s products. You may expand the reach of your company by doing this. One of the most economical marketing strategies is public relations (PR), which focuses on obtaining unpaid editorial coverage rather than purchasing advertisements. Speaking engagements, influencer placements, and thought leadership articles are a few ways you may use PR to maximise your budget.

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Business Development: Increase Client Revenue

Law companies are businesses first; then, they provide legal counsel. A law business must be profitable to pay for paralegals, office workers, copy shops, supply stores, and technology. Law companies routinely look for new clients to ensure a consistent stream of revenue. Likewise, lawyers frequently look for ways to raise hourly rates and billings. 

The best way to support this is to demonstrate your firm’s (or a particular lawyer’s) expertise outside of a courtroom. For instance, getting frequently cited in the media as a subject matter expert can significantly raise one’s profile and provide justification for any rate or billing rise.

Get Link Juice Authority For Your PR

Backlinks to your domain are essential for search engine optimisation, in addition to the on-page SEO measures law firms can use to increase the authority of their websites. You will be given credit and a link from their website if you are quoted in reputable legal journals, have news organisations use your PR as a source, or even if other law firms pick up your work. If you can make sure that your PR is continuously read and cited, your website will quickly move up the ranks.

In addition, PR for law firms is an excellent approach to focus on particular sectors or audiences. You can publicise and enhance a success story or business case that pertains to them. By sharing it with these audiences, you present optimism about your company to many possible new customers.

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Our PR For Law Firms In London

If you’re interested in reaping PR benefits, look no further than Pearl Lemon PR as your trusted PR agency in London. We provide exceptional services and a range of PR techniques so that you can stand out from the competition and compete with other lawyers in the field. Following is a list of a few of them:

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Social Media PR

Everyone likes using social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are just a few social media platforms and video-sharing applications that have become crucial centres for contemporary communication and knowledge sharing. Your business needs to adjust to the environment right now if it wants to succeed. Make yourself the subject of conversation by taking advantage of social media PR.

Consumer PR

Every successful business’s top objective should be acquiring customers. You’ll need carefully focused public relations to make it happen. Through consumer PR, we will create communication channels between your brand and the target market. This PR strategy will assist you in attracting as much public notice as possible, making you the next great thing.

Media PR

Don’t be afraid to ask the local newspaper for assistance in getting the word out about your company because word-of-mouth advertising isn’t always reliable. Using a regional newspaper, radio station, or television network suffices. Use our tried-and-true media relations strategies to get in touch with the journalists and editors who produce the news and features for your local media.

Crisis Management

A PR crisis can take many different forms, from embarrassing executive scandals to a wave of negative online reviews. With our public relations crisis management services, we’ll evaluate your particular situation and work with you to create a specialised plan.

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Content Creation

Did you know that 96% of marketing decision-makers feel that their brand has benefited from content marketing? As a law firm, we understand how well-written content affects your business. This is why the Pearl Lemon PR team will use their significant experience writing articles, opinion pieces, news releases, whitepapers, online copy, sales and marketing brochures, and more to generate appealing, punchy content to support your communications.

Do you need any additional services not included above? Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

The Good Turn

A public relations plan should not only be for the biggest practices in a crowded market, but businesses of all sizes are also looking for ways to distinguish themselves. This is more true than ever right now. Due to Brexit and COVID-19, law firms have lost a lot of clients and significant revenue streams. As a result, you need to stand out and highlight your success stories. Your legal PR network will expand quickly if you start doing PR correctly. However, PR takes time to do right. Fortunately, you have us.

The Pearl Lemon PR team will work with you to spread the good news and market your brand and character to your target customers. As a result, you’ll expand quickly and stop the decline that has beset law companies for the past months.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a call today.

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A public relations campaign can benefit your law company by boosting your exposure and enhancing your credibility, ensuring that you and your firm are the first to be thought of when a legal need arises.

Typically, a monthly fee for a smaller PR firm ranges from £2,000 to £10,000. Prices can be significantly higher for larger businesses, with retainers frequently costing more than £25,000 per month. However, you can always request a free quote from us for a more precise cost.

PR and advertising both support brand development and audience communication. The primary distinction between the two is that whereas public relations involves distributing news releases and pitches to the media, advertising entails paying for space.

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