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As a restaurant owner or manager, you want to ensure your customers get delicious food and excellent service. Along with those, the atmosphere of your restaurant is also important. 

However, all of those are nothing without good reputation management

You might ask, is reputation management that important? More important than the actual food of a restaurant business? Well, it is.

To word it better, reputation management encompasses delicious food, excellent service, and even the ambience. These are part of a more significant cause for your business: having a good reputation offline and online

Restaurant competition is high these days, and it seems like we can’t leave the house without first looking up where we want to go to ensure it’s open and worth it. 

Because of this, managing the reputation of a restaurant is more important than ever.

With Pearl Lemon PR, we’ll ensure that the reputation management for your restaurant is optimised to its best capacity. 

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The Importance of Restaurant Reputation Management

Before a guest even comes to your restaurant, they usually get their first impression based on how it looks on social media, review sites, and how you act online. 

Customers will form an opinion of your brand based on what they see for themselves and what others say about it.

In fact, 93% of people read reviews before going out to eat, which shows that this is a growing trend. 

However, reviews are a double-edged sword because they can make a restaurant busy or empty on a Friday night. This is why restaurant reputation management is essential. 

It is the process of keeping track of and responding to online customer feedback and developing plans to make guests happier, build strong relationships with customers, and build a strong brand.

Best Practices for a Good Restaurant Reputation Management

Here are some things you can do to ensure good reputation management for your business.

Be Proactive and Approach Tables

There will always be bad things that happen. But checking in with the guests can help. 

Tell your staff and manager to talk to customers while eating to find out what they think. This way, you can try to fix any problems they might have right then and there and maybe keep them from writing a bad review online.

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Ask Customers to Write Reviews

It’s always a good idea to give people a little push to get them to write a review. Sending a follow-up SMS or email right after they leave could be an excellent way to remind them to leave feedback.

Pearl Lemon PR can devise an automated system which sends a review request email to diners within 24 hours of their meal. 

Employees only see the recorded feedback, so it gives you a chance to talk to customers who may have had a bad time before they leave a bad review on Yelp or another public site.

Another good way to get more customers to share their thoughts is to give them discount coupons or free something once they leave reviews. Either way, it works for your rep management as long as you get it done. 

Maintain Your Online Presence and Keep an Eye on Your Reviews

Online reviews are everywhere these days. From review sites to social media like Facebook and Instagram to a restaurant’s own website, there are many ways to find out about a place. 

It’s essential to ensure that all these platforms always have the most up-to-date information so that they don’t spread false information that leads to bad reviews like “The website’s opening hours are wrong. When I got there at 8, they were already closed.”

Most of the time, these websites are also the first time a customer sees your restaurant, so make sure you have a well-kept online presence.

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Our Reputation Management for Your Restaurant

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We can help you manage reviews and keep an eye on them on your business's most important review sites. We do review audits to find a bad reviews that you might have missed and help you deal with them in a way that will help your business' reputation. When you want negative reviews to go away, we can also help you get fake, unfair, or defamatory reviews taken down. To help improve the reputation of your business, even more, we'll work with you to develop a plan for getting good reviews on Google My Business, Yelp, Trustpilot, TripAdvisor, and other relevant review sites.

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Boost Your Restaurant Rep With Us!

We know that the restaurant industry is quite competitive these days.

Sometimes, the menu can be quite similar, but the customer volume can differ, all thanks to a restaurant’s reputation (whether good or bad).

With Pearl Lemon PR, we’ll ensure you get a good rep and increase your satisfied customers daily.

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Restaurant reputation management is the process of managing customer feedback and making systems to improve customer experiences, passively build positive online reviews, and save at-risk customers.

It is a vital part of running a successful restaurant business, as your online and offline reputation can make or break your restaurant business.

It can make the difference between a busy front of the house with a line to get in and a sparse dining room with too many empty seats.

Part of reputation management is dealing with bad customer reviews. With a sound system in place, a customer who had a bad time can be turned into a loyal, happy one who is ready to spread the word.

As a restaurant owner, you don’t have much or any say over what people say about your business online. Once they’re up, they’re all over your brand, and everyone can see them. But a good plan for how to respond can give you some control over the story.

By taking the time to respond to customers personally, you’re building a relationship with them that could lead to loyal customers who will promote your brand. It helps people connect in a way that is hard to do in a business without it.

However, many restaurants don’t consider responding to reviews an essential part of their marketing strategy, which is a big mistake.

Responding to both positive and negative reviews helps build your brand’s reputation, shows potential customers that you care, and makes your restaurant stand out from the rest.

As proof, TripAdvisor shows that hotels with responses from management have gained at least 0.12 stars. This could make the final number of stars you get between 4 and 4.5.

A bad star rating can sometimes ruin your average, especially if your restaurant or its online listing is new. A quick fix could be to ask your loyal customers on social media to leave five-star reviews. People want to help you, and a few good ratings can quickly make things even.

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