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As your skincare PR agency, Pearl lemon offers a myriad of effective solutions, including all the following:

Traditional Skincare PR

We’ll promote your business to the leading beauty, grooming, and wellness print, online, and broadcast media channels. Daily outreach and pitching will be designed to cover both trade and consumer media, depending on your distribution.

Skincare PR Press Release Creation and Distribution

To gain maximum media exposure, we will generate creative and eye-catching press releases. We are known for supplying fresh information and unique press release ideas to our hundreds of media connections, thanks to our proven journalism expertise.

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Skincare PR Agency

PR Skincare Influencer Relations

Consumers have access to hundreds of skincare products to choose from. And, if we’re being honest, a lot of them start with the same ingredients and do similar things.

The average consumer often understands this and it takes a lot to get them to try something new. They will, however, pay attention if their favorite beauty blogger suggests a particular face cream or if the beauty YouTuber they watch three times a week features it and raves about it. If their favorite Sunday supplement promotes it, or if a brand principal appears on a local news piece, some demographics will be blown away.

We’ll get your items in front of prominent beauty influencers on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and a variety of other platforms. We strategically collaborate with top creators to develop flatlays, boomerangs, narratives, and video including your brand, reaching both the micro- and macro-influencers.

Skincare Brand Development

Establish key messaging for your company and products. We work with your internal team to create a distinct brand culture and mission, and then help you decide the best way to communicate it all to the rest of the world.

Skincare PR Thought Leadership

The most successful skincare brands maintain a consistent image and communicate frequently and effectively so that they are readily recognizable, understood, and favored. Through thought leadership in the form of content, magazine and TV media appearances, podcast participation, public appearances, awards, and social impact projects, we help you establish your reputation, industry voice, and stakeholder relevance.

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Beauty Award Submission Service

We’ll enter your products in the best beauty competitions across the country. We collaborate with all of the main newspapers to ensure that your items are entered into the most prominent competitions in the business including  Allure Best of Beauty Awards,  SELF-Approved Beauty Awards, Glamour Beauty Awards and many more.

Skincare PR Media Mailers

With innovative mailers promoting your products and services, we’ll help you reach out to the media on a personal level. To promote brand recognition and attention, we assemble unique, personalized boxes and send them directly to key editors, bloggers, freelance writers, and TV producers.

Skincare PR Crisis Communications

While we hope you never have to need us to, Pearl Lemon PR can be your go-to team if things don’t go as planned for your company. We are professionals at working with brands during crises and unpleasant occurrences, ensuring that a company’s corporate reputation and brand equity are protected by communicating with media outlets and the general public quickly, accurately, and consistently.

Skincare PR Agency
Skincare PR

Skincare is becoming increasingly popular. The worldwide cosmetic market is expected to reach $675 billion by 2022, according to projections. Skincare will have the largest market share of all items that fall into the cosmetics category.

The market for skincare is changing too. Men are now significant consumers in the skincare sector, as clear, healthy skin is not only a top priority for women of all ages, it’s important to everyone. Products now cover all aspects of skin health, both topically and inwardly, and go beyond traditional categories like anti-aging or acne. Every day, fresh ideas emerge, whether it’s a new face mask or an all-natural hemp-based beauty brand.

It is critical to choose the right public relations agency when a skincare brand debuts or decides to create a new publicity plan. Your strategy must be as flawless as the skin your products encourage.

As a leading skin care PR agency, Pearl Lemon PR has honed its skills in launching and introducing skin care products to leading beauty editors, influencers, writers, and creators. We work with your firm to review your ingredients, packaging, and overall brand story to ensure your brand has the greatest impact on all the right people.

We determine the optimal perspective to tell your story to the beauty world by researching market trends and identifying your top competitors. We can even help you weather a media crisis should one rear its ugly head (although we hope you’ll never need us to do that.)

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What is Skincare PR in the 21st Century?

Skincare PR is hardly new, as some of the earliest promotions in the cosmetics world were launched by skincare brands. But skincare PR in the 21st century is very different than it was back then, and even very different than it was just a decade ago. And as an expert skincare PR agency, we understand that, and keep these new PR norms in mind in everything we do for our clients.

In years past skincare PR often relied on press releases and company bulletins, along with the occasional appearance in a beauty or lifestyle magazine, on a related TV or radio show or appearances at trade events. All of these things are still important, but they are now a small piece of a larger puzzle.

Skincare PR is now very much influenced by digital media. Not just blogs, but also vlogs, podcasts, and, of course, influencers across every ‘branch’ of social media. If you choose Pearl Lemon PR as your skincare PR agency, we will help you leverage the public relations opportunities all these channels present and more.

Are you ready to get serious about public relations for your brand and work with a leading skincare PR agency?

Contact us today and let’s discuss just how we can help you.

Skincare PR FAQs

You can expect to  pay a monthly rate of about $2,000-$5,000. A PR company may charge based on the popularity of the restaurant or the amount of growth you are looking for.

The best course of action you can take is contacting a PR team to discuss your options.


A crisis PR plan is an absolute must for any company .

Sometimes the world of business isn’t all peaches and cream, so you need a plan for the rainy days.

A crisis PR plan paired with your standard PR plan helps your skincare business maintain its positive reputation.

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