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Pearl Lemon PR is a public relations consultancy Agency that tells brand stories better. We work hard to understand yours and deliver it in a way that gives you a competitive advantage in Prague.

We are a creative and client-focused full-service agency working with brands worldwide. Great stories are never one-dimensional, and so is our approach.

We are an integrated team of PR professionals, designers, and marketers who provide creative solutions to communications challenges. We blend our creative skills to tell compelling stories.

We are not a PR agency, design house, or advertising agency; we are all these and more. We help solve communications problems. WE ARE PEARL LEMON PR.

Every Brand Has A Story. Let Us Help You Tell Yours

At Pearl Lemon, we connect brands and businesses with their target audiences. Prague is home to the famous Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Statue of Franz Kafka, beyond these, Pearl Lemon PR can help you get the buzz you need around your name.

We combine integrated PR and Public Affairs to give you bespoke strategies here in the Czech Republic, and more to it, we’ve got over 25 years of experience to prove it.

Creative, Value-driven PR services in Prague

We firmly believe that media relations are all about engaging the right content at the right time. We provide Public Relations Services For entrepreneurs, startups, regional and national companies.

We design communications solutions that let brands respond flexibly and instantly, even in a swiftly changing environment. We are digital PR experts who pride ourselves in producing standout campaigns for businesses looking to have their voices heard.

The Pearl Lemon team offers you several years of experience in digital PR and content marketing, and we aim to create outstanding content that the press will love and the public will remember.

Our bonds, associations, and relationships don’t stop at the Prague borders. We are a global network with offices in the United Kingdom, Jamaica, Israel, The United States, Pakistan, and India, making us the best-connected agency in Eastern and Central Europe. 

Whether you are a startup or already a big player in the industry that wants to build your business and improve your reputation, Pearl Lemon is here to help you.

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We are a full-service PR Agency

News Media

  • Expert media relations for news media coverage
  • Pitching and securing speaking engagements
  • Award entry writing and entry submission
  • Crisis communication management
  • Stellar spokesperson and media training
  • Thought-leadership positioning
  • Arranging podcast interviews and marketing the appearances

Social Media

  • Online reputation management
  • Online review platform management
  • Influencer engagement
  • Social media publishing and follower engagement
  • Social media training

Web Media

  • On brand, engaging, and informative website content
  • Expert article and blog creation
  • Engaging email campaigns
  • Cold outreach
  • Lead converting content marketing

Content Marketing

  • Custom homepage copy
  • About us pages
  • Service pages
  • Localized service pages
  • Product descriptions
  • Blog posts


  • Brand strategy
  • Graphic and logo design
  • Naming
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Digital web design

  • Ecommerce
  • WordPress support
  • Email design

We know how valuable strong content is, and here at Pearl Lemon, we will ensure that you have original, optimized content that your target audience and search engines will love.

We will also ensure that your target audience hears what you have to say and keep them hooked so that they become loyal lovers of everything you have to offer. 

Digital PR

Our digital PR services will get you in front of the right people using the right channels at the right time. We will take care of the whole process, from campaign strategizing to content creation and outreach. 

We Communicate What Matters the Most and Build A Long-lasting Reputation For You

We are the 21st century PR Agency that your brand needs. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, lies at the heart of Europe. So should your business, at the heart of your target audience. Traditional PR still has its place for sure. Press releases, news conferences, product announcements – they all still matter. 

But in the 21st century, a lot has changed, and the old way of doing public relations is just that, old. The fact is that an advanced form of PR has been born, and it’s thriving like never before—DIGITAL PR. 

Based on digital communication and sharing methods, any business, brand, or individual must be firmly engaged in it. 

Pearl Lemon will help you compete and stand out in the world of the 24/7, always-on news cycle in Prague and beyond. We measure up to your expectations. 

Here’s how:

We Do Digital Marketing PR

People aren’t consuming their news from traditional sources like the Tv or print so much anymore. Even the most ranking newspapers in Prague currently, like Mlada fronta Dnes, Denik Blesk, or Lidove noviny, embraced digital. 

Many people are increasingly looking to digital radio, podcasts, social networks, news websites, forums, and digital communities to keep them informed.  

We know statistics and numbers don’t lie. Digital PR can increase your brand coverage by 80%, now that is what we are here to help you achieve.

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We are on top of our Tech game

We will make it a point to know and understand what devices and gadgets your target audience uses to consume content and create strategies suitable for them. 

Furthermore, we will use data analytics to determine when, why, and where your target audience seeks their news, entertainment, and information. 

We can help you stay ahead of the latest trends in Prague and Europe, ensuring that your brand is seen on emerging networks before your competition arrives. 

The digital landscape is constantly changing, but we strive to keep up to take advantage of the available marketing opportunities, be it locally in the Czech Republic or Europe as a whole.

We understand that the world is awake 24/7

Effective PR has to be agile and flexible because the news cycle never stops, it’s a 24-hour machine, and as your PR reps, we can keep up. 

News breaks on Twitter right now before it ever hits the traditional media outlets. There’s no need to wait for a camera because people can shoot footage with a cellphone. We are willing to work 24/7 so that we keep up.

We Leverage The Power Of Audience Relationships

The Internet has given the public a voice—a loud one. Content and news stories, along with review sites, encourage reader comments. 

Sometimes, a comment becomes a news story in its own right. All media has the potential to become a conversation, and a good PR company has to understand how to monitor that conversation, how to market it positively, and participate in it effectively.

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We Understand That Cancel Culture Is Real

Right now, one small mistake or content misinterpretation can go viral in minutes and damage your brand’s reputation just as fast. Some people call it the cancel culture – the idea that a person or company can be culturally blocked from having a positive public platform.

You can probably think of some notorious recent examples off the top of your head; Celebrities losing their shots at success because of tweets they might have a long time ago or because of statements they make before hitting the post button.

But these things don’t just happen. Cancel culture is invading everything and is affecting people and brands the world over. We will prevent sending mixed messages in the first place, and if they happen, we’ll know how to address the problem and control the issue as fast as possible.

We Demonstrate Results

Here at Pearl Lemon, transparency is one of our core values. We are good at what we do and honest about what can’t be done. So we make sure that we share video case studies providing evidence of our results, and our clients share their experiences of working with us.

Why Does Your Business in Prague Need a PR Agency?

Firstly, the Covid-19 pandemic has intensified challenges for businesses. Even though the pandemic has enhanced technological development, it has led to many business losses.

But despite these unprecedented challenges, many small to medium-sized businesses(SMB’s) worldwide have managed to reinvent themselves through the crisis, which is because they outsourced various tactics such as PR and marketing. 

Here are some legit reasons why employing our PR and marketing services is beneficial for your business. 

Access to expert services

Great PR strategies require experience and expertise. When you employ an agency, you are entrusting part of your business to professionals with years of experience on their hands so you can be assured of getting tangible results.

Additionally, we use modern technology, software, and strategies to get work done. We also stay up to date with the changing trends in your specific industry to ensure that you get maximum results from your strategy.

Save time and resources

Gaining insight into market intelligence, planning, and implementing campaigns in PR and marketing can take some time. Our team will take over this work, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

We will know the marketplace, develop suitable plans and recommend new solutions for effective communication. This will save you a lot of time and cost you would have invested in starting from scratch.

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Expand your communications

Businesses are only able to thrive in networks they can create and maintain. For small businesses and startups, the lack of these networks can be a huge roadblock to success. That’s why hiring a PR agency is beneficial.

By outsourcing a PR agency, you are also indirectly tapping into their connections network. Because they have been in the business for years, there’s a wealth of media contacts and third-party sources that can help get your brand out there.

Better strategies

Marketing cuts across multiple areas, each with its complexities. PR alone involves relationship building, media relations, creativity, strategic thinking, and more. 

At Pearl Lemon, we will help you develop bespoke PR marketing campaigns and show you the best practices. We will also put in the time to understand your internal and external markets to get the best out of your strategy.

Who Are The Pearl Lemon Public Relations Team?

Our team comprises seasoned public relations experts with a combined experience of several decades in both the traditional and digital PR fields. Our efforts are backed by seasoned journalists, proven content creators, and SEO experts.

Get in touch! We’ll be happy to introduce ourselves.

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